Visual aid is one of the best methods to transfer data to memory. Visuality persists the truthness in any field. Various videos are designed depending on the visuality and visual aid. Videos make the visuality enhance for every individual. The videos are the source for getting live updates, news, and biographies and keeping old memories. There are many video platforms available online that provide video streams for free. One such platform was liveleak. Liveleak was providing the visual content depending on various topics of discussion. And these topics were the whole and sole mode of public trust on it. But due to a few controversies in the last few years, the liveleak website stopped working. So here are the alternatives that are like liveleak.

What are the best alternatives to liveleak?

Following is the list of the top 10 best alternatives to liveleak;

1. Youtube:

This is the most famous platform nowadays. Each and every child and young is found on youtube. Youtube provides videos from every genre. All videos are available on youtube. Now there is a concept name youtube premium. Using the premium version of youtube, you can enjoy an additional free experience as well as download the youtube content. Also, you can create your own video content on it.

2. Xfinity:

Xfinity is also the best platform for getting video content. Xfinity is available online, and also an android application is available on the play store. You can watch videos from many categories such as entertainment, kids, tv serials, actions, news, and many more. These videos are available for free as well as the premium version of Xfinity. The premium version offers some more video content than the free one. Xfinity is the best alternative to liveleak. Also, there are many tv serials and tv shows hosted by Xfinity.

3. Videoshub/Metacafe:

Videoshub is the new name of the Metacafe site. This site now hosts and provides short videos that are related to various topics. The video topics provided by the videos hub are sports, entertainment, News, Broadcast, Interviews, Music, Tech, and research. These topic videos are available in both free as well as paid forms. So if you want an ad-free experience, you must go for the premium version of the videos hub. The video hub contains million of videos as well as channels. You can also create your content and post it on the videos hub.

4. Bitchute:

Bitchute is another best alternative to liveleak. It provides fresh and new content topics. The most discussed topics are music, anime, animation videos, entertainment, and related music. The content is available for free. You need to create a bit chute account and sign in through this account. Bitchute provides many videos depending on your topics of interest. It studies your topics of interest and provides the same videos on your bit chute homepage.

5. Vimeo:

Vimeo is best known for its video quality. Vimeo provides you with premium video material. You can watch the video content from any device. There is a separate application available for Vimeo on android and apple platforms. The video quality ranges from 144p to 4k. Also, you can adjust the video quality to auto to experience the videos without any buffering or gap. Vimeo provides new and fresh content that is unique to itself. Vimeo displays no copied content.

6. Flickr:

Flickr is the oldest platform and the best alternative to liveleak. Flickr provides a space to upload a video up to 1GB. So if you want to store your photographic as well as video memory, then Vimeo is the best alternative for you. Here, you can create your own account, privatize it and then upload and save your own video content here. It not only accepts videos, but you can also upload the image content here. Flickr also acts as a content saver for you.

7. Engage media:

Engage media is a video cum social media platform providing news articles and video content. It mainly focuses on the media providing informative, political, and innovative content on the internet. Engage media provides the facts and video content on it. You can watch the video content for free on it. Also, by subscribing to the premium, you will get a premium video experience on it.

8. D tube:

As the name itself suggest that it’s similar to youtube. D tube provodes free video content. It is also the best alternative to the liveleak. Here the adult content is more focused. D tube is well known for its transaction through cryptocurrency. If you want to subscribe to d tube, you can do it through the crypto exchange. D tube also provides unlimited content to you. Topics here are daily horizon news and articles on research and innovation. D tube also provides a premium version and is available for a few dollars. You can watch as well as upload all the adult content on drube and enjoy it. Also, you need to create your own account to confirm your age.

9. AOL Videos:

AOL is the best and tree alternative. liveleak. On the AOL Videos site, you get the best video content to watch without creating any account or sign-in process. There is no recording of the history of your watched content. Here you will get a detailed bunch of videos of common topics. Also, the youtube video contents are available on AOL. So you can watch these videos without any sign-up process.

10. my Vidster:

This is the next best alternative to liveleak. Here you can create the video content and make a collection. You can make the video collection private or public and open it for others to watch. With the premium ads, you can also earn a while. Millions of monthly visitors visit the site to watch fresh topics. Its video cum social media platform provides social videos and articles. The premium version provides ads free experience for you. Also, you get huge video data on this platform.

In this way, the above-listed sites are the best alternatives to liveleak.