Are you a Hulu customer who enjoys sitcoms? You’ve come to the right place. While the streaming service is not the finest, it does have a large collection of movies and TV episodes that rival some of the so-called “best streaming services such as netflix.”

If you’re a Hulu customer who enjoys sitcoms, you’ll be pleased: the collection here is astoundingly large, much beyond that of Netflix or other competitors. It’s a fantastic lineup of performances from the 1950s to present, including several of the finest of all time that aren’t available anywhere else.

Hulu features a large selection of sitcoms, ranging from classics to new releases. As a result, if you are bored, you can be sure to locate various programmes that will keep you occupied.

Despite (or perhaps because of) the abundance of streaming options, finding fantastic shows to binge can be difficult. The good news is that there is an abundance of content available. Of course, the bad news is that there is SO MUCH programming available.

Best Hulu Sitcoms To Watch

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We’ve produced a list of the top ten Hulu sitcoms to watch when you’re looking for a good chuckle.

1. Speechless

Speechless is an American television programme that is now available on Hulu. It follows the family of JJ (Micah Fowler), a man who cannot speak and is confined to a wheelchair.

The show often depicts the family’s numerous adventures, which are not without amusing and unpleasant situations, owing to the overprotective Maya DiMeo (Minnie Driver), JJ’s mother.

2. Scrubs

Scrubs is regarded as one of the best sitcoms of all time. It follows Dr. John Dorian (JD), a recent medical school graduate, as he attempts to become a doctor.

The activities of the often unexpected medical personnel, JD’s eccentric demeanour, and the show’s unique addressing of life and death matters where humour and sadness occasionally cross paths keep you riveted to the television.

Scrubs is the show to watch if you want to binge-watch a classic sitcom on Hulu.

3. Fresh Off the Boat

Fresh Off the Boat is another excellent Hulu series. It recounts the exploits of a Taiwanese family that came to the United States in the 1990s.

The father, Louis, pursues the “American dream” by building a restaurant, while the rest of the family tries to adjust to their new surroundings.

The adventures of the family and other individuals in their life are generally filled with really amusing events.

4. Modern Family

Modern Family is a mockumentary comedy that portrays a linked large American family in a realistic and often humorous manner.

The show addresses a wide range of themes confronting modern families in the United States, including parenting, feminism, sexuality, adoption, unusual and multiracial partnerships, and more.

Of course, the programme has its share of comedic moments, with some entertaining pranks from the characters.

5. Brooklyn Nine-nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is another of Hulu’s greatest comedic programmes. It recounts the exploits of numerous amusing people that work for a Brooklyn police force.

From the comically accommodating Captain Holt to the lazy, carefree yet gifted investigator Jake, the programme has no shortage of amusing characters.

Others include Amy, the intelligent, talented, and sometimes obsessive office manager; Rosa Diaz, the tough, attractive, and badass girl; and Gina, the brilliant, great schemer, and funny office manager.

6. Black-ish

The exploits of an upper-middle-class African American family are chronicled in the American comedy Black-is.

It follows the family’s experiences as they struggle to uncover and cherish their ethnic identity while embracing the future of a multicultural society, despite the fact that they sometimes feel just black-ish owing to their success and cultural integration.

7. Broad City

Broad City is another excellent sitcom available on Hulu. It chronicles the exploits of two female best friends in their twenties as they strive to make their way through life in New York.

With such little cash between them, they devise various means of surviving in the city, which typically results in them being placed into humorous, often messy, and unusual situations.

8. You’re the Worst

You’re this Is worse another popular American sitcom on Hulu that will make you chuckle.

It recounts the exploits of two very flawed and wounded people: Jimmy, the brush, who is obstinate and egotistical, and Gretchen, who is cynical, identity, and people-pleasing.

The show will take you through their life as they fall in and out of love while also covering other subjects such as love, happiness, sex, romance, cuisine, friendship, and more.

9. A Different World

A Different World is one of the finest 80s sitcoms on Hulu that is certain to make you chuckle. The show delves into the lives and amusing antics of Hillman Institution students, a historically black college in Virginia.

Through its comedy, the programme addresses various subjects that were important in the 1980s (and continue to be so now), including racism, different social relations, equal rights, HIV/AIDS, and others.

10. Community

Community is an American sitcom that tells the narrative of Jeff Winger, a lawyer who is dismissed and barred from practising law after lying about his law degree.

He enrols at community college and forms a study group to spend time with his activist classmate, but the group attracts a slew of other amusing individuals.

Community will take you through the hilarious exploits of the study group and the various people that make up the community college over the course of six seasons.

Looking to watch sitcoms online? The place to be is on Hulu. The streaming network features a collection full of sitcoms ranging from 1980s and 1990s oldies to 2000s classics and trending releases.

The above are just a few of the top sitcoms on Hulu, but there are many more to keep you occupied.