Myanimelist is the list of Anime and Manga. The Myanimelist is to track these two anime and manga databases. MAL, that is Myanimelist is the application where you will find the catalog of Anime and Manga. Anime and Manga are two different Japanese animated and cartoon print movies or shows. Here you will also find a catalog of news and books on Anime and Manga. One can use the MAL application on various devices like iPad, iPhone, Android, Online, Tablets, etc. But instead of the Myanimelist application, we can also use another application similar to MAL, Myanimelist. Following are the similar or alternative applications to Myanimelist;

10 Best similar/alternative applications for Myanimelist:-

If you are an anime and manga collecting lover, the Mynimelist application is the better option. But due to some inconvenience in the application, some users may face errors or issues like devices not being supported, etc. So we have found some similar or alternative options for Myanimelist as follows;

1. Ratehouse:-

The first similar application and best application for Myanimelist is the ratehouse. Using the ratehouse application, one can rate, review, suggest, and discuss all the music, movies, books, video games, TV shows, etc. One can watch this application using various media like Goodreads and, MusicBrainz, IMDb, etc. And it provides more features like Game tracking than the Movie database, search podcast, Wiki-like interface, etc. It also has a catalog of its own. Ratehouse also works as a media manager and a ranking application.


On LiveChat, one can also find the catalog of Anime and Manga. So it is similar to the Myanimelist application. has live seasons and a live lineup. Here you can search for live seasons of anime and manga lineups. If you want to know about the latest update or upcoming update regarding Anime and Manga, then will help to find them. It is similar and can be used as an alternative to the Myanimelist application.

Here are some features of; 1. You can sort the data based on popularity, countdown, date, time, update, etc. 2. It shows a countdown when the next season is upcoming. 3. Users can browse any season of Anime and Manga by the season catalog. 4. Also, you can browse the anime catalog by its title. 5. The next feature is about the headline news regarding Anime and Manga shown on

3. Kitsu:-

Another similar or alternative application for the Myanimelist application is the Kitsu application. Kitsu can also be said to be the easiest application where you can easily discover and share the new anime and manga database or seasons. The Kitsu also means the Formerly Hummingbird. Kitsu is famous among Asian people. The largest database of Kitsu is above 60,000 titles. Using the Kitsu application, the user can also take an interest in others’ interests and shares. Kitsu manages and tracks manga and anime shows. Kitsu was developed by Josh Fabian, an open source Apache-2.0 for free. 

4. JustWatch:-

Just watch is an application that is similar and can be used as an alternative application for the Myanimelist application. On the Just watch application, one can search for the sites where to watch movies and TV shows. It is also known as the search engine, which is especially for streaming movies and TV shows of Anime, and Manga. Just watch offers HBO NOW, Amazon Prime Instant Video, Netflix, Hulu, iTunes, Vudu, Xbox, Playstations, Crackle, etc., for the US. Following are some features of JustWatch;

  • It has a timeline where you can watch the recent search.
  • Then it provides a streaming search engine where you can search the anime and manga catalogs.
  • Then the price drop feature has the best deals for you daily.
  • And it also has a Watch list and a Watch bar where you can find the movies and attributes like release year and genre.

5. AniList:-

Another similar and alternative application for the Myanimelist application is the AniList application. AniList is not only an application but also a tool that can record and track the seasons and episodes of Anime and Manga. You can also customize the AniList application according to your list. AniList has a list of themes, a public API, and other features. Then the person can also perform live chat by giving forums and feedback. Analyst application is free and easy to manage the tracking of Manga and Anime.

6. Trackma:-

The next application similar and alternative to Myanimelist is the Trackma application. Trackma application is light in weight and easy to manage the shows and movies related to Anime and Manga. Then the application of Trackma is easy to handle and free for the users(No charges applicable). Trackma tracks the movies and shows of Anime and Manga. The available system is a Unix system for searching and updating the database. Features like it can manage multiple accounts on another site simultaneously and supports various media-type sites.

7. Annict:-

If you are searching for an alternative or similar application for Myanimelist, then Annict is the best option. It does the same job as the Myanimelist application. And it is also a free application for users who want to watch Anime and Manga, especially the addicts of Anime. Annict is also an open source of Anime. 

8. Kenmei:-

For the addicts of Myanimelist, the next similar alternative for Myanimelist is Kenmei. Kenai is the modern tracking application for Anime, Manga, manhwa, manhua, and much more. And it has features like creating groups, then also has a Smart Suggestion system, the covers and dark mode, etc. 


The next similar option for Myanimelist is And it is also a tracking application for Anime and Manga. Here the user can edit the added Anime and see the episode’s progress. It is available online on Google Chrome and Firefox browsers. is for notifying you about the watchlist, episodes, and seasons of Anime and Manga.


The last and best similar application to Myanimelist is A fun application. And it is also an anime and manga tracking application. is an anime and manga reader for free. Then the Android, iPhone, iPad, and online devices support the application. It supports multiple languages, and you can read Manga, manhua, and manhwa.

That’s about the similar applications to the Myanimelist application for anime and manga tracking.