Many of you are freelancers finding work online. The freelancing work includes completing various tasks as provided by the person. And another way of freelancing is that you post your gig on a site until someone hires you. So both these works help you earn a handsome amount of money. Also, you can choose your own favorite gig and work on it. The same was the work of TaskRabbit. It gives you work and tasks that, when completed, would result in an upgrade of your ranks and high earnings. So let us discuss TaskRabbit in detail.

What is TaskRabbit:

Taskrabbit is an online freelancing platform where the freelancers get a task to perform. The tasks include copywriting, content writing, designing, and many more. So while completing the tasks, it offers you a handsome amount of money. The tasks go on increasing as your expertise level goes on increasing. Also, you get bigger tasks and the same amount of money later. But nowadays, there are more fake customers available on TaskRabbit. The freelancers do not get jobs over here and are not paid properly. So here are the alternative sites to the TaskRabbit site.

What ten best alternatives to TaskRabbit that help you earn money?

Following are the best alternatives to TaskRabbit that help you earn money online;

1. Fiverr:

Fiverr is the best freelancing platform present right now. Fiver contains a huge public selling as well as buying freelancing jobs. The freelancing jobs are translation, content writing, copywriting, website designing, and digital marketing. So you need to create your account, i.e., a seller account. Then you need to post your separate gig here. Sometimes, it offers a test for you to check your knowledge. The buyer visits your gig and provides you with a job or task.

2. Porch:

The porch is one of the best platforms for providing a job for you. Here you get the work related to plumbing, cleaning, and other handy work. So you can create your account here and add up your gig with some sample skills. Then it provides you with the tasks. You can perform or use this platform as your part-time or full-time job. The platform provides a good amount for the work it provides you. Also, a good rating on your profile will lead to more work opportunities. So this is the best alternative for TaskRabbit.

3. Take:

Tasks are also a good platform to have a home job for you. You can earn a good amount of money by working here. There are around 400 different gigs present here. It seems most times that the work provided here is large and the amount paid for it also stands the same. So the work includes housekeeping, watchman, cleaning floors and delivery agent. Any work can come to your account inbox if you have applied and created your gig for it.

4. Amazon Mechanical Turk:

The amazon mechanical Turk provides you with a job for amazon. The work includes delivery of the product, management of the local amazon outlet, packaging of the carriers, communication with the customer as support, and many more. Amazon provides you with a good job salary and upgrades according to your performance. Also, amazon is best at providing bonuses and coupons to you. So it’s a great opportunity to work on amazon.

5. Thumbtack:

Thumbtack is the leading and the best alternative to TaskRabbit. As TaskRabbit charges 15% over each payment to the freelancer, the thumbtack does not charge this amount. While charging this amount gives the customer, i.e., the buyer, a heavy discount. Here you can create your account, create your gig, and list your work. Then within a few hours, it activates your gig and is visible to the buyers. Then depending on your gig’s power, the customers are attracted to you. After good ratings, your earnings increase as well as the work.

6. Jobble:

Jobble is the best market-running freelancing platform. The freelancing works available here include hospitality, event management, general labor, delivery, and transportation. The freelancers are provided a great salary here. Also, there is payment security guaranteed by jobble. This makes Jobble one of the best alternatives to TaskRabbit.

7. Staffy:

As the name itself suggests, staffy provides you with short but highly paid staff jobs. If you are interested in working in hotels and hotel management, then staffy is a good opportunity for you. Staffy hires you for a day or while and provides you with the job in your nearby hotel. The job can include management, delivery of the product, or many more. The same way will be the salary for you. It is a guaranteed program, so it is the best alternative to TaskRabbit.

8. Need to:

Need to be a similar platform to Fiverr or TaskRabbit. Here it provides a place on the site to post the jobs by the buyers. Then you can visit the jobs and then you bid for the same. You can introduce a proposal and then post the proposal on it. This way, you can gain those tasks and then work on them. Here the work may be different from that of Fiverr or TaskRabbit. Housing works such as plumbing, house cleaning, and other jobs are more frequently available here.

9. Care:

Care the name itself suggests the jobs available here. In this, you are provided the jobs to take care of the little ones, such as that in nursing homes. You are rented to that, and the jobs are provided on-demand. So it is for a day or a while. You’re paid high to care for the little ones in the house and society. It is available in every corner of the United states.

10. Papa:

Papa is also one of the best alternative platforms to TaskRabbit. Here you get jobs such as bringing groceries or running errands. The jobs are also to become the senior citizen of the family. You are paid on-demand. So this is also the best platform for freelancers.