Have you ever seen a series of great emoticons in text or chat messages? These are little in comparison to Twitch emoticons. Twitch is an internet video service that offers broadcast and live video games.

It has become one of the most popular internet-based entertainment providers, with over 100 million visits  monthly. The chatroom function is one of the most popular parts of the service, and it appears to attract the interest of many users and visitors.

This runs concurrently with the live show and allows viewers to engage with one another. In recent times, the chatroom has evolved into a breeding place for hundreds of unique emoticons known as Twitch emotes.

Streaming services and spectators use these emotes to flavour messages and express words or feelings related with the emoji picture.

They’ve gotten so popular – a Twitch experience in and of itself – that it’s difficult to watch a stream without running across one or two.

You may even come across multiple channels with extremely lengthy lines of emotes.

What Is Twitch?

Twitch Tv

Twitch is a massively popular video streaming network that mostly focuses on video game broadcasts but also includes live feeds of artwork production, cooking, talk shows, and informal discussion.

Popular streamers are routinely promoted to Twitch Affiliate or Twitch Partner status, granting them access to new community and stream features. Twitch viewers may support their favourite Twitch Affiliate or Partner by subscribing to their channel and making a recurring monthly payment. Twitch memberships help broadcasters financially, and many choose to stream full-time on Twitch once they have enough followers. People that subscribe receive preferential access in channel competitions, personal in-stream notifications, and special emotes to use in Twitch chat rooms.

Twitch’s top ten most popular emotes

We’ve produced a list of the top ten most popular emotes on Twitch.

1. Kappa

The emoji is typically used to troll streamers, convey sarcasm, or reply to a statement that causes you to roll your eyes. It has been a part of the chat and live video game culture since its introduction, including on other conversation and live gaming platforms.

2. BTTV emotes

Better Twitch TV is a third-party add-on that lets players employ a variety of emotes in chat.

Better Twitch TV emotes are popular among users since they do not operate on the Twitch aspects of the program. As a result, they can get around laws such as DMCA claims.

There are various BBTV emoticons, the most prominent of which are:

In chat communications, LUL is the counterpart of the ubiquitous LOL emoji. It depicts the laughing visage (with mouth wide open) of Total Biscuit, a YouTube streamer.

HAHAA is a slang term for an uncomfortable chuckle. It’s based on Andy Samberg’s expression from a Saturday Night Live caption for a Lonely Island music video.

Other emoticons can be accessed by installing the BTTV browser add-on. You may also make your own unique ones using Twitch Emote Maker and use them with the add-on.

3. PogChamp

PogChamp is one of the most well-known emoticons. It is based on the likeness of Gootecks, a professional Street Fighter player.

It is used to show surprise, enthusiasm, or buzz over anything on the stream.

Despite its lengthy existence, the PogChamp appeal has never faded, and it is still one of the most popular emotes on Twitch.

4. FankerFacez Emotes

FrankerFaceZ (FFZ) is yet another Twitch third-party add-on that enables users to use emoticons in streams. You may even create your own individual emotes with FrankerFaceZ and use them on the Twitch platform.

There are dozens of FFZ emotes available for download from the FFZ public library.

Among the most popular are:

OMEGALUL has an enormously wide mouth due to a deformed laughing facial picture. Similar to LUL, or LOL in other conversations, and used to express how amusing something is. It’s similar to the ROFLOL (Rolling on the Floor Laughing Out Loud) emoji on Twitch.

PepeHands depicts Pepe the Frog sobbing with his hands raised to the heavens. It’s used to convey melancholy.

5. TriHard

TriHard is yet another well-known Twitch emote. It is based on the visage of a streamer named TriHex.

It is commonly used for troll in reaction to broadcasters or viewers who are seen to be overly impressed.

6. MonkaGIGA

MonkaGIGA is a BTTV or FrankerFaceZ emoticon. Its origins may be traced back to the popular MonkaS emote.

MonkaGIGA is used to express surprise at a statement or incident in the stream. During game broadcasts, though, it is utilised to depict panic or anxiety during high-tension periods.

7. DansGaming emotes

DansGaming emotes are a group of emotes meant to show disgust, irritation, repulsion, or fury.

They are a variant of the DansGame emote, which is based on the (disgusted) visage of a player known as DansGaming.

TwitchMetrics provides access to and downloads of these emoticons.

8. FailFish

Twitch is a vast community consisting of people who are constantly attempting to impress their other users, therefore there are going to be a few flops.

When one of these fails occurs, there is no better way to communicate failure and disappointment (or even mock somebody who has failed) than with the FailFish emote.

The emote is based on a picture of Spamfish, an online streamer, facepalming.

9. 4Head

Cadburry, a League of Legends streamer, is featured in the 4Head emoji. It is most commonly used to indicate happiness when you want to demonstrate that you are laughing at anything mentioned in chat or happening on a broadcast.

However, it can also be used sarcastically in reaction to someone who tells a bad joke.

10. BabyRage

BabyRage is a common emoji for expressing discontent with anything happening on the stream, such as a baby throwing a tantrum.

You may also use it sarcastically to mock viewers or streamers who complain or are too emotional (particularly when things don’t go their way).

If you’re new to streaming or haven’t yet learned the language of emoticons, the emotes listed above are among the most popular on Twitch. You can engage with other streamers/viewers more effectively if you use these emoticons.

They’re also a lot of fun to utilise since they let you communicate a message or express an emotion (or perhaps a variety of emotions) in a single image.

Some of the emoticons may be obtained on the Twitch platform, while others can be discovered on the Internet in various Twitch emotes download communities.