We all were aware of the online lectures during Covid-19. We held all the offices, schools, colleges, etc., online using various Video conferencing and various applications. Online lectures and meetings were conducted on various video platforms like Google meet, Zoom, skype, etc. Zoom is one of the best Video conferencing platforms for communicating simultaneously with a group of people. 

The Zoom is a video conferencing platform that provides HD video quality with audio conferencing too. If anyone doesn’t have a paid subscription on zoom, he can access or allow up to 100 people at a time. Otherwise, he can add more than 100 people using the paid subscription simultaneously. It also has a time limit for the meetings or videos. The limit is up to 40 minutes. Following is detailed information about Zoom and the best Zoom phone alternatives;

What is Zoom and its uses?

Zoom is the Video conferencing of a group of people at a time. Zoom video conference application is for conducting meetings, lectures, etc. The Zoom is available in paid and unpaid services. The paid service can increase the adding of people up to 500 and also can increase the time from 40 minutes to an hour or more. The Zoom is used to conduct online exams, gaming events, lectures, interviews, and meetings.

As it has advantages same has some disadvantages too. Zoom cannot provide security for the user. Anything can happen with the user ID of zoom. One should remember that the net should be secure while using the Zoom application. For additional facilities and functions, one can purchase a subscription on Zoom. Below we will see a detailed description of the alternatives for Zoom phones.

Which are the five best Zoom phone Alternatives?

zoom alternatives

As we know, the Zoom application is used in different places for different use. According to those uses, there are other alternatives too. Instead of zoom, one can prefer those applications for meetings and other work. Following are such zoom alternatives those work on phones;

1. Microsoft Teams:-

Microsoft Team is the best alternative for Zoom phones. It is also the safest application, the zoom application. The user ID is safe for using Microsoft Teams for Video and Audio conferencing or meetings. The Microsoft Team is a cloud-based Video conferencing software. The activation can be done using Email ID and other methods too. The video quality is the standard video quality of the Microsoft Team. 

Comparing the zoom and Microsoft Team features, Microsoft has more features than Zoom. The features include recording meetings, sharing meetings or lectures, the attendance of people, chat and file sharing, etc. Here the official work can be conducted. Then the official meetings and interviews can also be held on the Microsoft Team application. So Microsoft Team is the best alternative for Zoom and also the best option.

2. Google Meet:-

The next best alternative for Zoom is the Google meet application. Many schools and college lectures were conducted using the Google meet Video conferencing software. The teachers and professionals choose Google to meet only. Due to its safe use, the Google meet application or Video, and Audio conferencing software is best for the users. Google meet is preferable to Gmail also. Gmail has its separate Google Meet option.

The Google meet has about 100 people with additional services. It also has a screen sharing of the Host or participants, with 16 participants visible in a single view of the meeting. The Host can also keep command of the meeting by adding or allowing, and removing the participants into the meeting. The Host can also control the meeting videos and audios of participants by muting and unmuting the audio and videos of participants.

3. MightyCall:-

Another zoom phone alternative application is the MightyCall application. The MightyCall application is for office work. When anyone wants to talk with the employee, the MightyCall provides the three-digit extension number. Using the 3 digits extension number, one can contact the employee. The user needs to enter the 3 digits of the extension number. Using the MightyCall application, one can contact the employee.

So MightyCall application is the best application alternative for the Zoom application. To forward the call to another employee, the user needs to dial the 3 digits extension number of that specific employee. The meeting arrangement can be all by the MightyCall application. The MightyCall application has a call recording feature so that the employee can record the content of the meeting.

4. Blue Jeans:-

The following alternative for the Zoom application is Blue jeans. It is also a video meeting arranging applications for working employees and other workers. Twenty breakout sessions are possible due to the Blue jeans application. Up to 200 participants can participate in the Blue Jeans application video conference. The Blue jeans application is available on Google Hangout, Cisco Jabber, Microsoft Lync, Android, and iOS devices.

The Blue jeans application provides the screen-sharing option. It also provides a remote access function. If one wants access to anyone’s device like a laptop, that person can use the Blue jeans application to access the device. The live Video can also present through Facebook users. The free use of the Blue jeans application is for 14 days. But after the free trial, one has to purchase a subscription to use the Blue jeans application.

5. RingCentral MVP:-

The RingCentral MVP application is one of the best alternative applications for Zoom applications. The application for the use of Business conferences. The application support or permits to add 200 people at a time. It also provides Video conferencing, chats, messages, and audio communication. Other functions like sharing the screen with editing the file are available in RingCentral MVP. Even meeting and Video conferencing recordings are available.

The data storing facility is also available on the RingCentral MVP application. All the facilities and features are available at a low price. After the free trial, the user can add the plan. One can choose the plan according to the use of the user. It provides a 24-hour communication facility with unlimited calls and SMS in Canada and USA. Even waiting rooms are available for every participant.