Online video conferencing, chatting, and discussion is the best way to have fun nowadays. Many applications around us, such as google hangouts, make it possible for us. We can chat and discuss various topics with our friends or colleagues. But the only requirement is the presence of the same application or platform on both sides. So here is a list of similar platforms to google hangouts that will help you hang out with your friends, relatives, and colleagues and can also carry out your meetings. Just go through these platforms, their mode of usage, and the features included in them using this context. But before that, let’s discuss google hangouts.

What is Google Hangouts?

Google Hangouts is a developing google application and platform used to chat, video conferencing, meeting online, and many more. You can chat with your friend using a separate interface to chat and message friends. You can use emojis to express your feelings too. Also, various customizable themes make your chatting and discussion an unbeatable boost. You can also perform the voice as well as a video call with the contact embedded into google hangouts. All these features make google hangouts an outstanding platform. But having these features is not enough. Some platforms perform even better than google hangouts. So here is the list of these platforms.

What are the 8 Alternatives to Google Hangouts?

Following are the best alternatives to google hangouts, and they are as follows;

1. Whatsapp:

Whatsapp is an online social media platform by meta. Meta contains many platforms, such as Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Among these, WhatsApp has made an enormous boost in it. You can chat with your friends, colleagues, and other professional personalities. Here you can also create a group where WhatsApp allows you to add a total of 256 members, take your discussion out, and share notices or messages as public. Whatsapp also provides special features such as changing the themes and wallpapers for the background, inserting various designs on your chat, and using different font writings. You can also share images, videos, chats, and document files over WhatsApp. Nowadays, WhatsApp is trying to establish online payment, i.e., the UPI method, into the application itself. You get an android application for WhatsApp, while for windows, you can use the WhatsApp web on your web browser.

2. Telegram

Telegram is also one of the best alternatives to google hangouts. Previously telegram was a platform to get all the illegal material or stuff, but recently telegram has emerged as the best social media platform. You can create an account, groups, and chat with your friends using telegram. You can share various links which are now restricted for spamming on it. Telegram provides you a great chance to create a discussion group with no limits on the addition of members. One group can consist of at most 10 thousand participants. You can change the theme over a telegram from light to dark and vice versa. Nowadays, even telegram provides you the option of an audio call using the internet. The telegram application is available on both mobile and windows platforms.

3. Zoom:

Zoom is an online video conferencing cum meeting application. It is available for both android smartphones and laptops. Here you need to subscribe, and the number of participants you add depends on the subscription you purchase for it. Also, zoom has given a boost in its application aesthetics, making the video quality better for the users. You can schedule a zoom meeting and share the link over social media. Using this link, your participants can get access to your zoom meet. Also, options and settings are provided to limit the audio and video for some participants. So zoom is also the best alternative to google hangouts.

4. Discord:

Discord is an online server-like platform for gamers. Here gamers can chat and discuss the strategies by creating a server on it. Discord is free to use; you can create your own server and add members to it. You get the option of open discussion and a clear audio call during gaming. Many streamers worldwide prefer discord as the best online application to communicate with fellow gamers. Also, discord is now providing the video call option. Discord is available for android as well as windows platforms.

5. Facebook Messenger:

Facebook Messenger is also the best application used for chatting and discussion. There are various modification options available for Facebook. You can add your friend by sending him a request. And then start the online chat with the messenger. Messenger is very simple to use. Also, there are various modifications available for messenger. As the Facebook community is a large community, you will get many members over the messenger.

6. Skype:

Skype has been well known for online video calling for many years. It provides you with the best service when you try to call outside the country. The charges required for Facebook are also limited, and anyone can afford it. Also, the skype application is available for each and every operating system. There is an estimation of about fifty percent of the mobile users in the united states prefer skype over other video calling applications. If you are searching for an alternative to google hangout, then skype is also the best option.

7. Viber:

Viber is one of the best competitors to google hangouts. It provides online video conferencing and many other things. Here you can call your friend and switch the call to a video call. Viber is also available for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows platforms. It’s completely free to use, and you will require a stable internet connection before you start the video call to get proper input as well as output.

8. WeChat:

WeChat is the best application for chatting. It provides great features such as video chatting, video calling, and many more. Your chats and data are encrypted here and kept personal. Also, WeChat is available on every device. You can download and install it. You need to create an account using your mobile number and email address.

So these are the best alternatives to google hangouts.