Birthday events and parties require decoration material to make your party amazing and memorable. So when you search for these party materials in the offline market, you face many odds of finding your choice material. But here is a solution for you. Here we have eight sites that are similar to oriental trading. Various events, such as birthdays, parties, Halloween, and Christmas throughout the year, require these materials, and the sites listed below are sufficient to provide these materials.

What is an oriental trading Company?

The name sounds like a treading site, but it is not that stock treading. This site is famous for party materials supplies. The party materials, from decorations to apparel, are available in this store. The store delivers the material to your doorstep if you order them online.

What is the reason for the failure of oriental trading?

The Oriental trading company was the best site to get the party materials. But in last few years there were complaints by the customer of getting the wrong or damaged party product. Also, the shipping costs were increased by oriental trading. Wrong products were delivered to the end users by the sellers listed on oriental trading. Due to this reason, here we have eight best or similar sites for oriental trading Company. You can choose your favorite site from the list provided below.

What are the eight sites like oriental trading?

Following is the list of 8 sites similar or alternate to oriental trading with details provided below;

1. Hollar:

Hollar is the best alternative to oriental trading. It is an affordable shopping platform. It provides all the party materials, including gifts and toys for children. Every material delivered by Hollar consists of a guarantee. The toys, the Assos series provided by Hollar, are simple yet interesting. There is no delivery charge. You need to simply visit the site, purchase your favorite party item, and place an order. The item will be on your doorstep shortly.

2. Birthday Express;

Suppose you are celebrating a birthday at your home and need any specific theme, i.e. Disney, ninja turtles, and other themes. In that case, you will get the party materials depending on the themes on the birthday express. To get these party materials, you must visit the birthday express site and then order these materials. It contains hundreds of birthday themes such as Aladin, Moana, Smurfs, croods, and Nemo themes. Also, the site is famous for delivering Halloween theme costumes and party materials.

3. Party Delights:

Party delights provide a party staff to decorate your part scene. You need to select the part theme and then pay for the same. The party delight team helps build the part designs and prepares them for you. The party delight team is reliable and also works fastly. You need to visit the party theme online by visiting their official site, and the same theme will be applied to your party. Party delight gained many customers in the past few years by serving excellent party materials at the doorstep. So if you need a readymade party setup, party delight is the best option.

4. Catch My Party:

Catch My Party is the most extensive online store selling party materials. As it is a retail store, you get party materials at a low price. Each and every decoration material is available on this online store. There are separate barbie and fairy themes for girls. Minecraft and other game themes are available for boys. Also, many other themes make the store unique. You can also request a team to get your decoration done for your party. Catch my party delivering the materials along with the team.

5. S&S Worldwide:

S&S Worldwide is the largest shopping platform providing party units. This store’s decorations and gifts required for the party are best listed. The store is available online as well as offline in the united states. They provide you with team assistance to make your party memorable. The party designer team help arrange the theme and other decoration materials essential for the party.

You need to visit their official site or offline store, take assistance from the team by providing your party details and then gain the party material and designs. There is a significant discount on many materials as well as gifts available there. Also, for special events such as Halloween, it provides many offers for its customers.

6. Shindigz:

Shindigz is the best site alternative to oriental trading. It provides party material, crafts, and stationary to you at your doorstep. The delivery charges are less, and the material quality is good. It also provides costumes for rent for large parties and events. They provide a special party team that guides and prepares your party setup. Separate space on the site helps you modify your party setup. Literally, you can choose the materials and place to insert them inside the site tool. In this way, the site is the best option to make your party glow.

7. Eldorado:

Eldorado is also the best alternative site for oriental trading. This site provides costumes unique to any event. The costumes are affordable so you can purchase them for a one-day event. Also, you can purchase the other party materials and decorations from the site. You just need to create your account on the site, enter your order details, enter your postal address and then place the order. All your party materials, costumes, and gifts will be delivered to your doorstep. Eldorado also provides free themes for selective customers during festive events such as Christmas and Halloween.

8. Card Factory:

Card Factory is a united states based site providing numerous party gifts and other decors. You can visit the site using your web browser and download the application that is available on the Play Store and the apple store. Once you enter the store section of this site, various craft works, designs, and decoration materials are listed according to their filters. You can apply filters to your chosen products, select them and then go for the purchase. Also, the material provided here is affordable. Hence card factory is the best alternative to oriental trading Company.