Mcafee is an antivirus security program famous in the united states. The Mcafee is known to remove viruses, Malware and Bugs from your system and keep your system secure from them. Also, the personal details or data are secured with the help of Mcafee. The McAfee antivirus is cheap as compared to the other similar antivirus. The interface, as well as the scan techniques of McAfee, are unique. But to get the antivirus is a tricky task. You need to purchase the antivirus and activate the McAfee online. McAfee designs an activation code to activate it on a PC or MAC. So let’s start the process of activation.

How to activate Mcafee on Pc and Mac?

If you have purchased the McAfee and you need to activate it, here are the activation steps;

  • Open the internet browser on your Mac or windows Pc.
  • Then navigate to the search bar of the web browser.
  • Here enter the link, i.e., and hit the enter button.
  • Then you will need to enter the activation code.
  • The activation code is available in your inbox registered email address.
  • Enter the 25-digit activation code, and then you will need to enter the email address.
  • After you enter both the activation code and the email address, click on the next button.
  • Now the Mcafee will verify your email address and the activation code.
  • Then the download link will appear.
  • This download link will consist of the Mcafee setup.
  • Download the form and install it.

How to purchase the Mcafee subscription?

There are many ways to purchase McAfee subscriptions. You can buy the subscription from the online Mcafee website, Online shopping website and the offline retail market. All the purchases will be valid. So for the online purchase from the official McAfee website;

  • Open your web browser.
  • Then search for
  • Then you will reach the official McAfee website.
  • Here go to the shop section.
  • Various McAfee packs will be available here.
  • Go through all the details of each plan.
  • Look for a suitable plan for you.
  • Then navigate to the buy now button present just below the graph.
  • Here you will be redirected to the payments page.
  • On the payments page, you will need to enter the details such as Name, Address, email id and other personal information.
  • Then next to it, you will need to select the payment methods.
  • After you choose the payment methods, enter the payment details.
  • The details include card number, CVV, expiry date and so on.
  • Now complete the payment as guided by it.
  • After the successful payment, you will receive an email.
  • The email will include the activation code with the activation link.
  • Activate the McAfee account and download the setup.

How to download the Mcafee setup file?

After you activate the McAfee online, you will get a setup file download button. Just select the agreement checkbox and read out the agreement. Select your operating system as either the Windows or Mac, and then hit the download button. Your file will get downloaded to the downloads folder. Go to the folder and open the setup file. Complete the McAfee setup.

How to Install the Mcafee on your Pc and Mac?

Mcafee on PC & MAC

Following are the steps to install the McAfee on your PC as well as Mac;

  • Go to the downloads folder where the McAfee setup file is downloaded.
  • Then open the McAfee setup file by double-clicking on it.
  • For PC, you will need to permit by clicking the yes button.
  • While on the Mac, you must enter your mac password and press the continue button.
  • After it, the setup file opens up.
  • Select the language in which you need the McAfee.
  • Connect your Pc or Mac to the internet.
  • It will download all the files associated with the MAc within the installer.
  • First, it will check the presence of previous files, then download the file and finally install them.
  • After the installation, the finish button will appear.
  • Click on finish, and the system will ask you to restart your PC or MAC.
  • Restart your PC or Mac, and then open the McAfee antivirus.
  • Run a full scan for the first time.
  • This is the installation of McAfee on your Pc and Mac.

Note: There is only a minor difference in the installation process of Mcafee on your PC and Mac.

What is the Mcafee activation code? And where to use it?

The Mcafee activation code is a security and verification code. The code is delivered to the email address or found behind the scratch card of McAfee. Mcafee’s activation code is 25 digits and consists of letters and numbers. You must enter the code in the activation process at the site. After entering the code, there is verification, and the following file of McAfee setup will download. 

What if McAfee shows an error while installing the setup?

The error is generally shown by the McAfee setup when some previous files exist on your device. If the McAfee is installed previously and is uninstalled improperly, the error can be seen. So here is the solution for this error.

  • Open your PC as well as Mac and go to
  • Here you get the downloads section on the site.
  • Here you will see the MCPR tool, i.e. Mcafee removal tool.
  • Download the tool by clicking on the download button.
  • Go to the download location and right-click on the device.
  • Then run the tool as administrator.
  • Now connect your PC as well as Mac to the internet.
  • The device will now start to search the previous McAfee file on your PC.
  • The toll will delete the files.
  • Now again, run the McAfee setup.
  • And this time, the setup will be complete.
  • The McAfee will install on your PC and Mac.

This is all about the activation of McAfee on your Pc and Mac.