When you play your favourite game Minecraft in bedrock edition, you may conflict with aka.ms/remoteconnect error while using your Microsoft account to play the games. You will also get Microsoft on various gaming consoles, such as the Xbox one and the sony playstation. You can enjoy this game with your friends, but you must sign in to your Microsoft account to connect. You can only play this game if you have a Microsoft account. This error can also occur due to the change in your device. Many users want to switch their devices to get more features, or the error appears when they try to play in crossplay. It can be frustrating to receive an error message and not enjoy the features you are playing with.

If you have played the game before, then it’s quite friendly towards you. It helps the children train their brains in building and construction. It very well suits engineers, creative workers, and users. When you suddenly play with your friends, if you even encounter aka.ms/remote connector Error, don’t panic and try to fix it. The error is most common in multiplayer matches if you fail to connect to the servers. In that case, you cannot purchase more tokens or use the token in the games.

Why Did the Https Aka.ms. Remotely Connect Error Occurs?

https.aka.ms. Remote Connect is an excellent feature for Minecraft gamers, and this issue needs to be fixed that you already have. Aka.ms/remoteconnect not working error reason infographic by tech bullish.

By Having Corresponding Gameplay Data

Corruption is the main problem affecting most of the games worldwide. Your game data in Minecraft may have been corrupted, which is a significant reason for showing this error. I need to check whether your Minecraft saved games data has gone corrupt, which may be causing this issue. If you have a corrupted game file data issue, restore it to the last saved point.

You May Need a Proper Setup


Your setup needs to be revised to be fixed. With proper setup implementing the troubleshooting step will be useful. If you do not have a proper setup, then you can follow the steps to configure, aka.ms/remoteconnect and get your code to connect with it properly.

You Can Already Be Signed into Another Device

This is a common occurrence when you already sign in to aka.ms/remote connect from another device and have yet to terminate the session of your previous sign-in. This is a prevalent scenario. You can resolve the issue by signing out of that device and signing back into your computer. If you still have issues, you should clear the cookies from your browser.

You Can Use a Microsoft Sign-In Code for Minecraft

 The Microsoft sign-in code will help you log in to the aka ms minecraft account. For this, you will need to follow the steps provided below;

  • First, launch the Minecraft.
  • Then click on sign in access the multiplayer option.
  • Then there, you will find an option that helps to link your existing Microsoft account.
  • Now, if you already have an account, you can use the same Microsoft account for login.
  • Then check on the link to your Microsoft account in a new window.
  • Now you will receive an eight-digit code which you will use in the next step.
  • Then open aka.ms/remote connect website on another system.
  • There you would be a placeholder enter code where you can enter the code you found in the previous step.
  • Now click on the next button and follow the prompts to connect the device using remote connect.
  • Then, if you see any error for the remote connect code, you open a new Microsoft account to generate a new regulation that you can use again, aka.ms/remote connect.
  • Once you launch the game, you can directly link it to your current account with the Xbox Live account connected VIA your Microsoft account.
  • Then the Xbox Live account is very easy to set up two; if you already have one, you can use that too.

You Can Use Restart Your Device

You can fix the appearing glitch by just restarting your device several times. A simple restart can fix the remote connection for your Minecraft gameplay.

You Can Ensure the Account Isn’t Used on Another Device

We often see the aka.ms remote connect error and have a Minecraft account logged in to another device.

You Can Delete Minecraft Saved Game Data

As mentioned earlier, you are old saved data. That is, your old game file might have got corrupted. It is better to drive once deleting the Minecraft save data off your game file and again using the code to log in. here are some steps below.

  • First, launch the Minecraft game.
  • Then next, you need to navigate to the system settings.
  • Then go to the storage option.
  • Now check your saved game files in it.
  • Then finally, you can delete these save checkpoints of your gameplay simply by clicking the delete icon here.
  • Now you can return to the game from the main menu.
  • Now login again and try connecting the remote connect again to check if the aka.ms remote connect error has been resolved.

You Can Log in and Reinstall.

If you have followed the above steps and are still facing the remote connect issue in Minecraft, then you can try the following steps mentioned below;

  • First, you need to logout and then uninstall the app.
  • Then again, you can go for the reinstallation of the game.
  • Most of the time, a logout and reinstall solve the aka.ms remoteconnect not working error.

Why Won’t the Minecraft Link Is Not Connected to My Microsoft Account?

If your Minecraft game won’t link with your Microsoft account, it means your Microsoft account has not had a Gamertag. Make sure that your Microsoft account is logged in to http://account.xbox.com/. If everything is clear, you can reinstall the game on your system and make the login again.