Periscope was an online streaming platform designed by Twitter. But due to some technical errors from periscope, the streaming site shut down a few years back. But then, streaming and live, many famous YouTubers do broadcasting on periscope. The streaming provided on periscope was accessible and available for every user. Many users on the internet felt it difficult to stream and broadcast. But here are some alternatives that will replace the Periscope streaming service. The list of 10 best alternatives to periscope is given below, with the details included. 

Best alternative sites like periscope:

Following is the list of sites that are best for streaming and broadcast;


The streamyard is the best alternative for a periscope. Streamyard provides live streaming, online meetings, and seminars. The site offers you a free plan for streaming that contains a maximum of 10 people participating. But the paid version provides you, unlimited participants. Also, you can share your screen, record your stream and also edit the stream. Many editable options are provided on the streamyard site to make your stream powerful. You can upload your logo into the stream. Also, you can stream using youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and many other platforms. It will stream your broadcasting.

2. Twitch:

Nowadays, cramp is the most famous platform used for streaming live content. You can stream games, lectures, and other content on the internet. Also, there is a separate application available for the android system. You can edit your content and stream that content live on twitch. Many users stream as well as watch the streaming on twitch. Many YouTubers use twitch as their streaming platform. The streaming experience using this site is next level. A twitch provides many advanced options in streaming live content.

3. Bluejeans Virtual Events:

Bluejejans is the latest cloud-based streaming platform. The platform helps you stream your videos and informative content to the users. Also, you can save as well as record the streams using the Bluejeans Virtual Events. You can use youtube, Twitter, and LinkedIn platforms to stream on Bluejeans. You can change the themes on your screen, add a background, and edit the stream. Gaming is the best stream that you can perform using bluejeans virtual events.

4. Youtube Live:

This is the official and most trusted streaming platform to put your live content on screen. Many users watch the live content broadcasted on youtube live. Although youtube live provides fewer editing options, these are of excellent performance. Stream done using youtube live is more preferred as the same subscribers present on the youtube channel. You can also stream your video live with 4k video quality. Also, the user needs fewer data to watch the stream.


This is the best alternative for a periscope. Using adilo, you can stream live games, content, unboxing videos, and much other content. You can save these videos offline and upload the images and videos to your live stream. The video, as well as the audio quality provided by adilo, is excellent. The audience present here experiences the best performance of the stream without lagging. The auto-quality option provided for you adjusts itself according to your internet speed.

6. You know:

To use you now, you need to create an account on it. For the first few initial days, you can stream free. But after a few days, you need to pay for streaming. The streaming provides you with a vast audience, and it’s an excellent experience for them too. It supports youtube streaming as well as video lectures. Many companies also conduct meetings on this site. So if you are searching for the best alternative to periscope, then you know what is best for you.

7. Restream:

Restream is the best alternative for you if you are a periscope user. On this streaming sitte, you can schedule and perform the live stream. First, you need to sign up for the restream. Many operating systems support it. There are three plans available for restream. The free plan provides you screen recording, downloading the stream offline, and the green screen. The video and streaming quality of restream are good for the viewer.

8. Vimeo:

Vimeo is the most popular streaming platform available online. You can directly upload your recorded video as a live stream on Vimeo. There is a separate API present for Vimeo. It’s good news for Vimeo users that the viewer on Vimeo doesn’t need to create an account. Only the streamers of Vimeo need an account to stream. All the platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, are live and can stream on youtube on Vimeo. The platform also contains a free streaming plan that helps you take small meetings.


The hype was created to be an advanced version of periscope. It was designed to improve the streaming performance of periscope. You can stream as well as chat lives with your users. You can perform video-call, meetings, and stream with your friends. The video quality provided includes 1080p, 2k, and 4k. Also, the quality shifts according to your internet speed. 


This platform is available online and in the form of a mobile application. If you want to stream your video online using your pc and don’t have the camera with you, then you can use your mobile camera to perform the stream. The stream on this platform runs without any lag. There are live chats; you can do screen recording. Also, you can save the streaming videos for offline view and upload any prerecorded video to stream on youstreamer.


So, you have many options available that can alternate the periscope. Although periscope is not available now, these applications listed above meet all the requirements of the streamer as well as the viewer. The specifications, device, and application support provided by all of them are excellent. Choose anyone among the list provided above and go for the streaming.