Hoodsite is an online platform that is famous for providing the latest as well as transparent News. The site is best known for providing fresh as well as transparent News. There is no fake news provided on hoodsite. But the main problem regarding hoodsite is its ads. The site shows many ads, and the users on hoodsite are declining due to these ads. Many users and news viewers are searching for alternate sites for hoodsite. The breaking criminal news is available on these sites with transparency in them. So here are the 8 best alternatives like hoodsite.

Best Hoosite alternatives:

Following are the best hoodsitte alternatives;

1.Opera News:

Opera news is the best alternative for hoodsite. Also, Opera news provides you latest, fresh News. You can select the category of the news topics that you are interested in. The opera news shoes you national as well as international News. The news topics, as well as the content within them, are true. Opera also provides you the news videos if they are available for that News. So you can go into the details of the News and watch the video news on ours. It is the most used web news platform used by millions of platforms.

2.News Up by Leadup:

The main topics on the News Up by leadup are current affairs. The site provides you mostly the national News. The crime news provided here is less number and infrequent. Also, you get the true News. Fake News is not displayed on News Up. The popular News is at the top of the News up. It provides notifications regarding the latest News and the News of your interest. The site is preferred worldwide. You get an android application of News up, and you can customize the app to get your favorite news topics.

3.News Home: 

This is a complimentary and alternative platform for hoodsite users. Here you get the latest News updates based on current affairs on your mobile screen. You can download the News Home application using the android platform. The News taken up by the news home is from trusted sources such as BBC and CNN News. All the News transparent and also local as well as worldwide News. The new home is a trusted news platform by many users. You get the headline news as well as detailed News on News Home. There are photos provided and also sometimes videos provided along with the News. Notifications of your tagged news topics are shown in the notification bar of your mobile screen.

4.News Break:

The name itself states that it provides breaking News. This platform provides breaking News and statistical, tabular News. The News related to politics is provided with the correct data into it. Newsbreak also provided statistical data related to population, schemes, power, as well as many other such types of topics. The platform is primarily famous for providing legit News. It also sets a specific time when all News is provided to you.


If you are searching for a new platform that will directly show you political and legal topics footage, then you are at the right place. Here you will get the live News with the videos provided by item fix. Itemfix was into the fields of News in 2006, and later it came into a boost in 2021. Itemfix is famous for providing direct camera news, including live videos, footage as well as photos that stand to be a witness to the News. This is the reason why itemfix has many daily visitors.

6.The YNC:

This is the best alternative to hoodsite. The YNC news discloses fitness, lifestyle, and medical knowledge topics. The research topics and politics are also provided on this platform. The platform, arranges news according to the categories the News. So you can search for the news categories and set an alert for such type of News. You can also take screenshots of the News provided. No ads are on this platform, so the news-watching experience is boosted. 

7.World News Lite:

The World news lite is a precise and fastest network that provides you news tha is more focused on the world. Here the tactical data regarding the countries as well as continents are discussed. Various deals among the nations are the primary hotspot on this site. Here the nations’ relations are discussed and separated into various categories. War and war footage are provided on the site. The world news lite also has an android smart application that keeps you updated with the world resources.

8.Leaked Reality:

The leaked reality is a site and an application that helps you to know the facts about your country and the world. Here the real forums regarding the topics such as crime, legal notices, and political activities are provided. Also, publishes the News related to sports and unique personalities. You can search by entering any word related to the News. You can set the notification of your favorite news topics and the timer to the News so that you will get the News on a specific period and of your favorite topic.

Why is there a need for an alternative to hoodsite?

Hoodsite was the most famous site for showing legal and criminal News. It was famous for providing News for free. But later, the platform made some changes, i.e., including ads in the news interface and for the platform’s subscription to get additional free News. Due to these changes, the visitors to hoodsite decreased daily, and the visitors started searching for alternatives to hoodsite.


Above is the list of sites that are the best alternative to hoodsite. So go through the list and choose one of the sites to get the daily and transparent News for you. That’s it.