Manga is a set of Japanese comics. Comics are the best way to spend time reading if you are bored. They are pretty interesting to read and contain thousands of stories with many episodes included in them. These comics are paid if you search for them in the local markets. But they are available free at various online sites. The most famous site to read manga comics is the mangago. But the site has been running slowly due to some technical problems for a few days. As the site is not working well, here we have the 10 best alternatives for the mangago site. These sites are the best. The direct URL is not provided, but the sites’ names are provided below.

Best Alternatives for Mangago Site:

Here is the list of best alternatives to mangago;

1. Manganato:

It is a viral site for reading Manga. There are various manga comics present on this site. Although the site is fast, it shows some advertisements. But the advertisements do not make a big problem while you surf on the site. Another negative point about the site is that some manga comics may have bad quality. But most of the mangas are of good quality. Looking at all these points, the manganato site is the best alternative to the mangago site. Also, the site is free as well as fast. Many manga comics are available here. You can also use the ads blocker to get rid of the ads on this site.

2. Mangadex:

This site is a perfect site to read manga comics. There are no ads on this site, so your experience of reading manga comics is going to boost. The site has almost every manga comic on it. The interface on the site is straightforward, and best to read manga comics. But the most crucial point for this site is that some of the manga chapters are missing from the site. So for this, you need to consider the point before searching for the site. 

3. Mangareader:

This is the new site that is the best alternative for manga comics. So if you want any site URL that has not been blocked on some browsers, then this site is best. The website is clean, and all the manga comics are arranged in a better way here. You get various filters that make a good choice while searching for any manga site. This site also contains near about all the manga comics. Also, you get a mobile application for this site. So you can install the app directly and enjoy reading the Manga on your mobile.

4. Manga4lite:

Manga4lite is also the best alternative for the mangago website. This site is fast to process and also does not contains ads. So it boosts your manga reading experience. The site contains many manga comics. The only problem related to the site is that some famous manga comics are missing from this site. While you visit the site, you will get various heads containing the manga comics by scrolling down the site.

5. Mangahere:

The site is a newly built manga comics site. Here you can watch the manga comics for free. But the main demerit of this site is that it does not contain the latest released manga comics. But the old manga animes such as naruto and one piece are best provided on this site. So switch to your browser and visit the mangahere website on it.


This site is the best replacement for the mangago site. Here you get the manga comics separated based on their alphabet. The site hosts many manga comics. Also, an advanced search option provides you with the filter to select a genre, author, release date, and many more. So you can look for your favourite types of manga comics by searching mangaeden.

7. Kissmanga:

This site is the best site to read Manga. The newly released mangas are on the home screen and on the top. There is a search option for searching the most viewed and read manga comics here. You can also download the manga comics from the site and read them offline. But the site contains many ads on it. But you can use an add blocker if you want to read the manga comics anyway.

8. Myreadingmanga:

This is a multifunctional manga site. On this site, you can read as well as download manga comics. Also, the site contains games to play. There are many categories included on this site regarding Manga. So you can complete them reading and enjoy them on this site. Also, you get the adult manga comics available on the myreadingmanga site.

9. Mangapanda:

The site is the best alternative for the mangago site. Although the URL for this site changes, it conveys the next URL that the site will shift for. You can search all the manga comics here. You will also get the Animes on this site. The quality of the manga comics is good on this site. But if you don’t have a stable internet connection, then you can face a decline in the manga quality on the site. As you visit the homepage of the mangpanda site, you will get the latest manga comics available, sliding on the top panel of the homepage.

10. Mangaowls: 

The name itself suggests that the site is a type of owl. The site contains detailed picture quality for the manga comics. Also, the site contains heavy storage of manga comics. All the manga comics are available on this site. The main problem regarding this site is that it runs enormous ads. So you can skip the ads, but it can decrease your reading experience. Also, if you use the ads blocker on this site, then it can boost your manga reading experience.

These are all the best alternatives for the mangago website. The URL for the sites mentioned above are not provided because they keep on changing frequently. The site will appear at the top of the search results if you search with the names.