A collaborative venture between Tyler Perry Studios and BET Networks led to the creation of BET+, a streaming service available online. BET+ offers more than 1,000 hours of premium content, including new, exclusive programming, classic TV series, beloved movies, as well as documentaries and specials from BET Networks. It is one of the biggest online subscription video-on-demand services geared toward the Black audience and admirers of Black culture. Tyler Perry’s original content, including his plays, shows, and box office successes, is available on BET+.

Step 1: Navigate to the App Store on your smartphone.

Step 2: Install the Bet Now app.

Step 3: Start the Bet Now programme.

Step 4: Select a TV service provider.

Step 5: Take note of the activation code.

Step 6: Using any browser, go to bet.com/activate.

Step 7: Enter the code here.

Step 8: Log in to your TV provider’s website.

Step 9: Begin watching on Bet.

Compatible Devices

Let’s take a look at the compatible devices that enable streaming BET TV before moving on to the main instruction. The following devices are supported by bet.com/activate to activate BET TV:

  • Roku Device
  • Amazon FireStick Television
  • Apple Television and iOS
  • Android Television and Android Devices
  • Chromecast 

How Can I Activate Bet App on My Apple TV

Bet App on apple

The procedures listed below can be used to watch Black Entertainment Television content on Apple TV.

Step 1: The internet connection on Apple TV should be functional.

Step 2: then visit the app store from the home screen.

Step 3: Click the search tab and enter “BET NOW.”

Step 4: Click the install button after choosing the BET NOW programme from the list, then wait for the installation to finish.

Step 5: Launch the programme after the installation is complete.

Step 6: You will see an ACTIVATION CODE on the following screen.

Step 7: Make a note of the activation code for next actions.

Step 8: Use the browser on your desktop or mobile device to navigate to bet.com/activate.

Step 9: Select your TV service provider after entering your activation code in the box on the first page.

Step 10: After that, log into your account using your credentials (registered email address or phone number).

Step 11: Activation Your screen will show a successful message.

Step 12: You may now stream BET NOW on your Apple TV with no further setup required.

How to Use Bet App on Fire TV

Bet App on Fire TV

To activate BET on an Amazon Fire TV, follow the instructions below. You’re all set!

Step 1: Go to the Amazon App Store after turning on your Amazon Fire TV device.

Step 2: In the “Search” box, type the term BET.

Step 3: The app should now appear on the screen.

Step 4: Save the channel to your gadget.

Step 5: After installation, activate the app from the home screen to obtain a special activation code. (If asked, enter the sign-in information.)

Step 6: Save the code, then use your smartphone, laptop, or tablet to navigate to the official activation website at bet.com/activate.

Step 7: You must carefully submit the code in this case.

Step 8: Follow the on-screen instructions after clicking the “CONTINUE” button.

You’re doing well. All of your favourite content is available on your Amazon Fire TV device.

How Can I Activate Bet App on My Android TV

A well-liked streaming gadget is the Android TV. By following the instructions below, you may start viewing well-known shows from the BET app on a wide screen, including Disrupt and Dismantle, Boiling Point, Tyler Perry’s Sistas, No Limit Chronicles, 106 & Park, A Very Soul Train Special, and A Celebration of Hollywood:

Step 1: To start the BET activation process, turn on the Android TV.

Step 2: On your smart TV, you must launch the Play Store app.

Step 3: Type BET into the search box and click OK to discover the app.

Step 4: Follow the on-screen instructions to download the app when it displays on the screen.

Step 5: After installing the BET app on your Android TV, click the launch button.

Step 6: If asked, enter your username and password for sign-in.

Step 7: You should receive a special activation code as a result.

Step 8: On a separate device, such as a PC or smartphone, launch a web browser after saving the code.

Step 9: On the bet.com/activate screen, enter the code that you have previously saved.

Step 10: Click the “CONTINUE” button after making sure there are no errors.

Step 11: You can watch all of your favourite shows on the BET app by following the instructions.

How to Use Bet App on Roku

Bet App on roku

On the home screen, select the channel selection.

Step 1: “BET+,” entered using the on-screen keyboard in the Roku channel store’s search tab.

Step 2: Choose BET+ from the list, then paste “ADD CHANNEL” to start installing the programme.

Step 3: Once the installation is finished, launch the app on your Roku device.

Step 4: On the following screen, you will see the activation code.

Step 5: The Activation Code should be noted for next actions.

Step 6: Open the browser on your laptop or mobile device, go to bet.plus/activate, and log in with the same information.

Step 7: After logging in, your TV service provider will be shown, along with a blank place for your activation code.

Step 8: Activism Your screen will display a successful message.

Step 9: You may now watch content from the BET+ channel on your ROKU device.


By downloading, installing, and activating it in this manner, you can access BET on your streaming devices. The procedures for BET activation are the identical for all devices. In order to utilise the BET code, both the TV and the other device (PC or mobile) must be connected to the same network.

This is the full set of instructions for activating a BET account via Bet.com Activate. Comment below with any devices you believe are missing from this list, and we’ll endeavor to update the post.