Britbox provides movies on a premium basis to watch on your tv. Newly released movies are updated on the BritBox application and website and are ready for you to watch. So if you have the subscription and an account with BritBox, start watching it on your tv. To watch on your tv, you will need an application of BritBox on tv with a subscription to it. The BritBox is available in various countries, including the united states, Australia, Canada, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and many other surrounding countries. The subscription is cheap, and you get two options for it. If you are facing difficulty getting the BritBox on your Telstra tv, then you are at the right place. Here is the process explained below;

Which devices are compatible with the BritBox stream?

Following is the list of devices compatible with BritBox;

  • Telstra Smart tv.
  • Samsung smart tv.
  • Apple smart tv.
  • LG smart tv.
  • Roku smart device.
  • Amazon Firestick.
  • Windows operating system.
  • iOS operating system.
  • Mac devices.
  • Android smartphones.

How to Sign up for a BritBox account?

There are two consecutive steps to having a BritBox account;

Step 1: To provide the account details:

  • There are web browsers on devices such as mobile phones and pcs.
  • So using this web browser, go to
  • It will redirect you to the official site of BritBox and its homepage.
  • Then click on the ” Start Watching Now” button.
  • It will take you to the first step, i.e., entering some personal details.
  • Enter the details such as First Name, Last Name, and Email address, and then create a password.
  • Reenter the password and make sure that you create a strong password.
  • Now finally, click on the create account button.
  • This will create an account for you.
  • An internal process of verification runs automatically.

Step 2: Get the subscription:

  • The next step is to purchase the subscription.
  • After you click on the create account button, the next page appearing is the subscription purchase page.
  • Just select the package based on month and year. 
  • The package for the month is $7.99, and for the year, it’s $79.99.
  • So select the package.
  • Then scroll down and then enter your card details.
  • You can give either the credit or the debit card details.
  • Now enter the card holder’s name, the card number, month and date of expiry, security code, and then zip code.
  • The zip code is for verification of your address, as the service is limited to a few countries.
  • Then click on the submit button.
  • After this, it’s the bank’s official page to get the verification OTP entered.
  • SO enter the OTP received on your registered mobile number into the desired fields.
  • Finally, click on the submit button.
  • Now it will deduct the amount of the package selected.
  • In this way, you can subscribe to the britbox.

This is all about getting the subscribed BritBox account.

How to connect the BritBox account for the Telstra smart tv?

To get the BritBox connected to Telstra smart tv, you will need to follow two steps, i.e., downloading the Telstra application and activating it.

Step 1: Downloading and installing the Telstra application:

  • Go to the application store of the Telstra smart tv.
  • Then search for the BritBox application here.
  • After the application is visible in the search list, click on it to go within it.
  • Then click on the install or get button to download the BritBox application.
  • There is no separate installation process as the installation takes place simultaneously.
  • Finally, click on the open button to get them into the application.
  • Here follow the on-screen process, i.e., allowing the application to make changes and the signing process.
  • Now you will get an activation code.
  • This code needs an activation process that is given below.

Step 2: Activating the britbox on telstra smart tv:

  • Once you get the activation code which is 6 digits on the Telstra smart tv’s screen, follow the process.
  • Go to using any search browser on your device.
  • This process cannot be carried out using the same smart tv.
  • And you need to note that the device you use to activate must have your BritBox account signed in.
  • Then enter the activation code into the blank fields provided.
  • Lastly, click on the verify button.
  • Now take a snap at your tv, because now the tv screen is going to change.
  • Then go to your tv screen.
  • Click on any program from the recent list.
  • You can also search for the movies using the search bar.
  • Now watch the movies on BritBox with your family and friends.


Can I get a free trial of BritBox?

Ans: Yes will get a free trial of BritBox when you go for it. Otherwise, you can also purchase the direct subscription by paying for it. For the free trial, you need to go to the free trial button situated in the upper right corner of the home screen. Then provide your personal and card details, and your free trial will start. This way, It will notify you to renew or purchase the subscription whenever the free trial ends.

What is a BritBox activation or connect code?

Ans: The BritBox connect code, also called the BritBox activation code, is a 6-digit mixture of numbers and letters. This code is visible only on your smart tv when you download and install the BritBox application on your tv. So for activating your tv, you will visit and then the device name further to it. IT will activate your tv. The connect code is just for security reasons and will also be simple.

Can I change my password for the BritBox account?

Ans: Yes, you can change your password for the BritBox account. For this, you will have to click the sign-in button and then the forget password. Then by confirming your email address by a verification code, you can enter the new password rather than create it. Also, you can change it through the accounts section.

This is all about – enter code – connect Telstra.