Twitch is the greatest website for actually watching video game streams and game-related broadcasts. To view the website, you must have a web browser that is compatible with the platform.

While you can visit Twitch using any HTML5 web browser, the site demands additional resources to stream video games smoothly.

You may minimise Twitch’s resource use by adjusting particular parameters such as stream quality. However, it is preferable to use a browser that uses little system resources.

Browsers that are best for watching Twitch live feeds

Certain browsers will not lag when watching Twitch videos:

1. Vivaldi

Vivaldi is an open-source web browser that may be customised. It offers a sleek UI that’s also clean, contemporary, and meant to expand the screen area on your computer.

The browser is more adaptable and has a plethora of features that make it appealing for broadcasting videos on Twitch TV.


  • Customizable: You may change or conceal practically every aspect of the browser’s appearance. You may customise your keyboard shortcuts and add as many search engines as you like in the browsers. Vivaldi also allows you to view numerous tabs at the same time.
  • Better Performance: When streaming movies, Vivaldi uses very little of your computer or network. There are no jerky animations, a lot of RAM, or a lot of CPU utilisation. When you run the browser, it should load in a matter of seconds.
  • Tab Stacking: If you have many tabs open at the same moment, you may stack them on top of each other. Tab stacking aids in reducing interface clutter.
  • Up to 720p video feeds are supported.


  • Unfamiliar UI: If you are a newbie, navigating the interface might be difficult.
  • Unnecessary Features: Some features, such as mouse motions, are not required.
  • Sync Issues: The browser does not currently support synchronising bookmarks, preferences, and passwords.

Despite its numerous capabilities, Vivaldi’s CPU and memory consumption make it an excellent browser for Twitch TV streaming.

2. Edge

After the release of Windows 10, Microsoft includes a built-in web browser called Microsoft Edge.

Edge is a website that replaces Internet Explorer and is built on Chromium, the same engine that drives Google Chrome.

Although Internet Explorer is still the default browser on Windows, Edge is favoured for its enhanced features and speedier performance.


  • The Edge browser is quick. It improves JavaScript speed and optimises memory.
  • HTML5 support: HTML5 support means you don’t need Flash to stream videos on Twitch TV.
  • It can handle 1080p video broadcasts.
  • Supports numerous extensions: The browser may support extensions such as ad blocker that allow you to stream videos well.


  • Microsoft Edge does not support interface customisation.
  • It has occasional page crashes and fails to load.
  • The browser lacks tab groups and performs poorly with dragged tabs.
  • When streaming on Twitch, the Edge browser may provide an excellent user experience. It is quick and works nicely on a variety of websites.

3. Waterfox

WaterFox is a Firefox-based web browser. When compared to Firefox, the functions and appearance are the same. It is one of the top Twitch video browsers.

WaterFox is the browser to use if you want an alternative to Firefox that will allow you to watch live easily.


  • It supports standard NPAPI plug-ins such as Silverlight and Java, as well as XUL Firefox extensions.
  • Allows for more customisation and the addition of additional individual features.
  • It makes use of less system memory. It allows you to stream videos on Twitch TV without using your computer’s resources.
  • Up to 720p video feeds are supported.
  • You may store passwords, disable advertisements, and browse privately.


  • WaterFox is not the quickest browser for watching videos online.
  • It must be executed on a 64-bit machine. You will have performance concerns if your PC is 32-bit.
  • It has the same capabilities as Firefox. If you already have Firefox, you might not need the browser.

WaterFox and Firefox may share several features. WaterFox, on the other hand, offers greater security features than Firefox.

4. Opera

Because it is fast, safe, and feature-rich, Opera is undoubtedly one of the finest browsers for video streaming.

The same browser may be used on several devices, and it is compatible with a wide range of handsets. The browser has been well and offers simple-to-use functions.


  • Opera is a feature-rich internet browser that is fast and safe.
  • It boasts quick page load and launch speeds. At a medium pace, the browser may travel between many online sites.
  • It features a distinct interface that distinguishes it from other browsers.
  • It has a number of security tools that scan websites for phishing and malware schemes. The security protocols can be changed.
  • Up to 720p video feeds are supported.


  • Opera, being a sophisticated browser with several features, necessitates greater CPU and memory resources to function properly.
  • It is incompatible with earlier HTML-based websites.

Opera is not the most popular web browser. However, it includes a plethora of functionality and security choices that make it ideal for Twitch TV video broadcasting.

5. Firefox

Firefox has an excellent design that enables for simple video broadcasting on Twitch TV. For each tab you open, the browser launches a separate process.

Sending and receiving them in this manner helps to assure better broadcasting performance.


  • Firefox does not consume memory space or resources.
  • Its capabilities are updated on a regular basis to prevent frequent crashes.
  • It offers a basic and clean user interface.
  • It is an excellent browser for streaming videos up to 720p.


  • When compared to other browsers, Firefox offers less security features.
  • If you do not upgrade your browser, you will experience frequent crashes.
  • Firefox is a feature-packed and adaptable web browser. It is the greatest browser for both casual browsing and streaming online.

Choosing the best browsers for Twitch streaming might be difficult. Almost all browsers employ the same technology. Furthermore, the speed of your internet will largely impact how effectively your browser performs.

When selecting a browser, you should prioritise memory and CPU utilisation, performance, compatibility, functionality, and security. Determine the number of extensions and video quality that are supported as well.