DoveChannel is an American streaming service that provides the christen mythological channels and streaming. Dove provides a wide range of videos as well as movies that are related to the christen traditions. The application is widely available on near about every platform. If you are a tv user, a smart device user, or a Console user then you can watch the Dove channel on any device. So first get the Dove subscription and then come back as we are going to activate the dove channel on various devices. So here are all details regarding the dove activation. 

Requirements before proceeding with the Dove channel activation?

Following are the requirements that one must have before proceeding with the activation process. The list with a detailed explanation is provided below;

  • Dove account: Get onto the dove official site and create your own dove account so that purchasing the subscription becomes easy. If you have the dove account along with the subscription then you can use the account login details to activate the rest of your devices.
  • Dove subscription: The dove subscription will cost you a few dollars. It is a gateway to many facilities provided by a dove. Without the dove subscription, you cannot go for the activation of it n your device. So first create the account and then go for its subscription.
  • Stable internet connection: A stable internet connection is important for creating an account, purchasing a subscription, activating a dove as well as watching a dove on your tv. So make sure there is no interrupted connection.
  • Installation of application: Installation of the application is important. First, install the dove application and then go for its activation.
  • Getting the activation code and the activation link: The activation code and activation links are the most valuable assets before you go for the activation process. 

Now using the above requirements let’s plan out the activation of Dove on various devices.

What are the steps of on various devices ?

The following devices support the Dove channel and  they are;

  • Roku tv.
  • Apple tv.
  • Fire tv or firestick.
  • Google tv.
  • Android smart tv.

So let’s find out the activation of the dove channel on the following devices.

Roku Tv:

Roku is a smart device rather than a tv. So if you want to activate the Dove channel then you need to follow the steps provided below;

  • Turn on the Roku device as well as your tv.
  • Then connect the Roku device to your tv and switch the HDMI option where the Roku device is connected.
  • Now simply press the Roku home button present on the Roku smart remote.
  • Then simply press the menu button.
  • If not then go to the menu bar i.e. the three lines situated in the upper left corner.
  • Now scroll down using the controls of the remote.
  • Find out the add channel button.
  • This will take you to the Roku application store.
  • The first thing that you will come across here is the search bar.
  • Then click on the search bar and type Dove in it.
  • Now the Dove channel will appear in the search results.
  • Simply click on the get channel button.
  • This button is located just below the dove icon.
  • Now the dove channel will download and will add up to the other channels list.
  • Simply go to the home screen and open the dove channel from there.
  • Now click on the sign-in button to get the dove activation code on Roku smart screen.
  • As soon as the dove activation code appears you need to switch from the smart tv screen to the smartphone screen.
  • Now enter the activation link i.e. on the mobile web browser.
  • Enter the activation code and then click the Next button.
  • Further, you will need to enter the login credentials.
  • Press the login button and then look for the Roku screen.
  • In this way, you can watch the Dove channel on your Roku device with your family and friends.

Fire tv:

Fire tv or also called the amazon firestick is a product by amazon a great shopping platform. This platform makes your tv smart and you can get many more applications on the fire tv. So if you are in need to activate the Dove channel on your fire tv then you can follow the below-given steps;

  • Connect your fire tv to your tv and switch it on.
  • Then go to the Amazon application store.
  • Here press the search button using the fire tv remote.
  • Then type Dove channel in the search bar.
  • Now you will get applications similar to the dove channel on your results.
  • Now open up the details of the Dove application.
  • So you will need to press the get button present below the dove application.
  • Now, wait for the application to download.
  • Subsequently, the application will start installing on your fire tv.
  • Wait for the installation to complete.
  • Now open up the dove channel application.
  • Then press the sign-in button.
  • Now the activation code of 6 digits will appear on your fire tv screen.
  • Simply open another device such as a smartphone, iPhone, or windows pc.
  • Now open a web browser on this device.
  • Click on the search bar and then type
  • The activation page will now appear as soon as you press the enter button.
  • Now enter the activation code.
  • Click on the next button.
  • Now the login webpage will appear.
  • Enter the login credentials and press the login button.
  • In this way, the dove channel will get activated on your fire tv device.
  • These are the activation steps for the Dove channel on your fire tv.

Apple Tv:

To activate the dove channel on your Apple tv you will need to follow the steps provided below;

  • Just turn on the apple tv.
  • Then open the apple application store.
  • Here go to the search bar and then search for the DOve channel application.
  • As the application is quite famous so it will appear in the top position of the search results.
  • Then simply click on the dove channel icon and then the details about the dove appear.
  • Now read out the details of the dove application and then go for the get button.
  • So if you press the get button the dove channel will start installing.
  • Wait for the application to install and once it’s installed open the dove channel.
  • Now press the login button as soon as the dove application appears.
  • Then the activation code will appear on the apple tv screen.
  • Now switch your vision to another device.
  • You can use your smartphone or any similar device that can open the web browser.
  • Open the web browser on your device.
  • Then click on the search bar of the web browser.
  • Type the link in the search bar.
  • Now within a few seconds, you will get to the dove channel activation screen.
  • Simply enter the apple tv activation code as it appears in the desired fields.
  • Then press the next button.
  • Now within a few seconds, you will get to the login screen.
  • Enter your email address and then the password.
  • Now go for the sign-in button.
  • View the apple tv screen and you will see the activation of the dove channel on your apple tv.
  • This is all about the dove channel on apple tv.

Google Tv:

Google tv is the latest tv with the google play store as the application installed application. So if you have google tv at your home then you are at the right place. here we are going to see the activation process of the dove channel on Google tv.

  • Turn on your google tv.
  • Then go to the google play store.
  • Search for the dove channel application.
  • Now the search results will appear.
  • The dove channel will display on your google tv screen.
  • Just go to the icon of the dove channel.
  • The dove channel application will open up.
  • Simply click on the install button.
  • Now doing this will start the download as well as installation of the dove channel on google tv.
  • Then simply open up the dove channel on your google tv.
  • Now the animation related to the dove channel appears.
  • Give permissions to the dove channel application.
  • Then wait for the 6-digit activation code to appear.
  • Once the activation code appears, the activation process begins here.
  • For activating your device, go to the smartphone screen.
  • Then go to the web browser of that smartphone.
  • Open up the link on that web browser.
  • Now once the activation screen appears, you will need to enter the activation code here.
  • Press the next button.
  • On the next page, enter the email as well as password same as used for creating a dove account.
  • Now press the login button.
  • Finally, the dove channel is activated on your google tv.


These are the activation steps for activating the Dove channel on various devices. Just read out the details provided in the individual activation steps. So just follow the steps and activate your device. Now go for activation. If you come across any difficulty regarding activation, contact the dove customer care service.