Want to become fit and fine? Then you are at the perfect place. Fitonapp.com is the best platform that contains fitness videos by top fitness trainers. There are motivational videos regarding fitness and also the training sessions along with the exercises and diet habits are explained. The celebrated trainers do share their opinions and motivate the users with their motivational fitness videos. FitOn provides an application that supports many systems. You can install the application on your Roku device, Fire tv, Android, and Apple Tv. There is a specific activation process through which you can get FitOn application running on your tv or smart device. So let’s dive into these activation processes and learn about them.

How to Sign up for FitOn?

Signing up is creating an account on the FitOn platform. So here are the steps that will help you with the sign-in process on Fiton;

  • Just open up any web browser.
  • Then using the search engine of the web browser, go to Fiton.com.
  • This is the official site of FitOn.
  • Then go to the signup button which is present in the right upper corner of the home screen.
  • Now it will just redirect you to the signup page.
  • here you will get three options to sign up.
  • The first option is to use your google account to log in.
  • So if you have a google account with the email and sign in to the same browser then you can go with this.
  • The second option is to use your Facebook account.
  • The same is with the Facebook account too. 
  • So if you have a Facebook account then provide its login details on the next page and then provide access to your Facebook account.
  • The third and last option is to directly enter the email address, create a password, and enter some other details.
  • Now the email address as well as password will serve as your login credentials and will be helpful wherever you sign in.
  • So this is the signup process i.e. creating an account on FitOn.

As the application is completely free to use, you can simply go for the further activation steps. So here are the activation steps for various devices for the FitOn application.

Activation steps of Fiton for Roku, Fire TV, and Apple TV on :

The Fiton service is available over a large number of platforms. The application is also built to run on every single platform including TVs and smart devices. So here is the list of devices along with the activation steps of fiton app over these systems.

Roku Smart Device:

Roku smart device is a special device if you don’t have a smart or android tv. This device helps you get the application to run on your tv. So here are the steps to activate FitOn on the Roku smart device;

  • Just turn on your tv along with the Roku device.
  • Now come to the Roku device interface by switching to the HDMI option.
  • Here press the  Home button present on the Roku remote.
  • Then press the menu button or simply navigate to the pointer to the menu bar present on the home screen.
  • Here, scroll down till you see the add a channel button.
  • It is present under the channels section of the menu bar.
  • Now click on the add channel option and then click on the search bar.
  • Then enter the name FitOn app in the search bar.
  • Here the search results will start showing various options when you enter the initial 3 letters of it.
  • Select the correct result and press the ok button using the Roku remote.
  • Now simply you will get the list of applications.
  • Select the Firton application and click on it.
  • Then press the download button by navigating to it.
  • Now the channel will first download and then will install.
  • After installation, the channel will add up to your list of channels.
  • Now go to the home screen and open the installed fiton channel.
  • Here you will get a 4-digit activation code.
  • Simply switch to another device and then go to the web browser of that device.
  • Here visit the Fitonapp.com/login link.
  • This is the site to activate your Fiton account.
  • Now simply enter your account details i.e. the email as well as the password.
  • You can also use google as well as Facebook accounts.
  • Now on the next page, enter the activation code and start watching the fitness videos.

Fire Tv:

Fire tv is also a smart application like Roku helping normal TVs to be smart. The Fire tv is sponsored by amazon an Amazon product. So if you have the fire tv at your home and want to activate the Fiton application on the fire tv then you are at the perfect place. below lies the steps to follow;

  • Open the Fire tv device and switch on your tv.
  • Now on the Fire tv screen, just go to the amazon application store.
  • Now you will get a glass mirror search bar above.
  • Just go to this search bar and then search for the Fiton application.
  • Now you will get the details such as downloads, ratings, and reviews of the application.
  • Instead of reading out the details, just find out the download button for installing the application.
  • The download button here is named as getting button.
  • Click on get and make sure you are connected to the internet.
  • Now just wait for the installation to complete.
  • Now open the fiton application on the amazon fire tv using the application wizard.
  • Here follow the formality procedures while opening the app for the first time.
  • Then you will get the activation code which is of 4 digits.
  • Turn on another device.
  • Then go to the device web browser.
  • Search for fitonapp.com/login.
  • Enter your login credentials and then wait for the activation page to appear.
  • On the activation page, you will enter the activation code correctly in the 4 empty boxes provided.
  • So in this way. by clicking the activate button you will see to watch the fiton videos.

Apple Tv:

Apple tv is considered one of the best TVs to watch streaming on various platforms. The video, as well as the audio quality delivered by this tv, is great and this is the reason why man people prefer buying the apple tv. So if you have the apple tv then follow the steps to get the fiton application activation;

  • Just turn on your apple tv and open the apple application store.
  • In this store, you will need to navigate to the menu and then to the search bar.
  • Enter the name Fiton in the search bar using the apple tv remote.
  • Then simply click on details of the fiton application appearing in purple color.
  • Now simply press the get button to start the download as well as installation.
  • Then on the next page, it will download and install.
  • Open the application.
  • Switch to another device such as a smartphone or laptop.
  • On this device, you will need to get onto the web browser.
  • In the search engine of the web browser simply type fitonapp.com/login.
  • This is the link for activating the fiton application on your apple tv.
  • Then simply sign in using your fiton tv account details.
  • Then, the next page will ask you to enter the activation code.
  • The activation code will be present on the apple tv screen.
  • Simply note the code from there and then enter it as it displays on the tv.
  • This code is case-sensitive So enter it properly.
  • Then press the activate button.
  • The fiton tv will activate on the apple tv within no seconds depending on your internet speed.
  • So this is all about the activation of fiton on apple tv.


Are the Fiton tv videos free to watch?

Ans: Yes the Fiton videos or subscription is free to watch. You just need to sign up on the application and then wait for the activation of the app on tv. Then you can watch fitness videos on your tv absolutely free. But if you want to get access to some premium videos then you will need to pay for it. Also to purchase some extra services or products through the platform, you will need to pay. The rest is free.

What are the requirements for activating the Fiton tv application?

Ans:  Following are the requirements for activating the fiton on your smart tv;

  • Account on Fiton: So you will need an account on Fitonapp. To create the account, we have provided you with the steps.
  • The process to activate: The process of activation is provided for every single important device and the same is followed for other devices with minor changes.
  • Activation code: It displays on the device where your want to activate fiton.
  • Activation link: The activation link is fitonapp.com/login is necessary to link for activating fiton on any device.
  • Internet connection: A stable internet connection is required.

Does the Fiton application supports another platform?

Ans: Yes the fitOn application supports other platforms such as android smartphones, Android tv, Windows Pc, Macbooks, PS4,5, and Xbox gaming consoles.