So, History Channel is trying to move away from traditional cable TV, trying to branch out digitally and attract viewers that are no longer watching TV. Before you can go ahead and watch TV from your favorite streaming device, you’ll first need to activate History Channel by following a series of instructions.

TV Providers Supporting History Channel

Following are the TV provider that supports the History channel.

  • DirecTV Stream
  • AT&T U-verse
  • Cox
  • DirecTV
  • Dish
  • Frontier Communication
  • Optimum TV
  • Xfinity
  • Hulu
  • Xtream
  • Optimum
  • Philo
  • Spectrum
  • Verizon
  • Wow
  • Pioneer DTV

Way to and Log in.


Currently, the only way to unlock all content in the History apps and on is to sign in using a supported TV provider that includes the History channel in your TV package. So, some content is always available that is unlocked, which you are welcome to watch without signing into a provider.

  • Firstly, to watch history programs, you can sign up with any of the following providers. Given below
  • The Local cable provider is Dignity, Cox, Spectrum, Verizon FiOS, or your local cable provider.
  • The Satellite provider Dish and DirecTV
  • The Streaming live TV services provider Directv stream, Hulu +live tv, Philo, and video.
  • SlingTV and Fondly TV also provide budget-friendly access to the network contain and live TV, but they cannot be used to sign in to your apps and website at the time.

Way to Activate History Channel on Roku

history channel on smart tv

Follow the simple steps mentioned below to activate the History channel on Roku.

  • Firstly Visit the Official Website and Choose Roku from the available options on your computer.
  • Please choose from the available list on your TV to select your Service provider.
  • Please Enter your code for activation, and Roku users must have provided their contact information when registering.
  • After this, roku will send you an activation code if you have registered.
  • The capture code will allow you to connect your Roku to your account.
  • So, You will need the code to activate History Channel to activate each service.
  • Now, input the activation code in, and click Continue.
  • After the connection is complete, you can confirm your subscription via your provider’s website (Roku).
  • Now this will allow you to link History to your Roku channels.
  • After this, visit your TV’s Roku Channel Store, Select History Channel, and search.
  • Please click on Add Channel to Your Device and Enter your pin.
  • Please Enter the same number you used to activate your device.
  • After this, You can confirm your selection by clicking the Add Channel option.
  • So, you can view the History Channel on your home screen. Roku will allow you to view History Channel cable-free, and Roku allows you to stream your History online.

How to Activate History Channel on iOS

History Channel on Apple TV

Follow the instructions below to activate the History channel on an iOS device.

  • Firstly open the app store from the home screen on your iOS device.
  • Please search for the item in-store HISTORY App using the search function at the top.
  • After you have found the correct listing, click on it to initiate the installation register.
  • So, after Downloading the History app and the installation, you can open the histology sign-in to your account via the app. iOS does not have an application.
  • So, you must log in with your History Account and TV provider account.
  • Now Once you sign up, you’ll have access to the entire library, and you can enjoy your History channel on your iOD device.

Way to Activate History on Samsung Smart TV.

History Channel on Chromecast

Follow the steps below to activate the History channel on Samsung smart TV.

  • Firstly open Samsung TV and Connect your Samsung TV to Wi-Fi or another internet connection.
  • Please move to the remote control of your TV and press the Enter button and click on the Home button.
  • After this, a tab will now appear on your screen. So Scroll left to navigate to the app icon.
  • After this, Visit the search icon using a TV remote control or voice command to type History.
  • So, choose the officials who appreciate History From the suggestion list, and You will be promoted to the History App page.
  • After this, You need to click to install, and the entire installation process takes only a few minutes.
  • So after installation, you can open the appreciated History From the home screen.
  • Then Follow the prompts to obtain the code activation on your Samsung TV screen.
  • After this, Browse the internet using another browser on your computer or mobile
  • Please Choose Another option, All options, and Select your preferred tv provider; search the list below, or use the drop-down menu to search for it.
  • After this, you must submit the given code activation by clicking on the button in the appropriate field. Continue option.

Way to Activate History Channel on Apple TV

Follow the simple steps mention below to activate History on Apple TV.

  • Firstly search the app on your home screen.
  • And Then in the TV and movie section, select History
  • Now choose the history channel.
  • After this, you should start weaving your shows added to the Apple TV by the channel.
  • So, you can view complete clips and episodes of shows surrounding ancient events on the History channel.
  • After this, you will be given a personalized watch list of your favorite shows. Once you activate the History Channel on Apple TV, you can also see its exclusive preview of shows you never watched.

Way to Activate History Channel to Your Amazon Fire Stick.

Follow the steps below to activate the History channel on Amazon fire stick.

  • Firstly, go to Fire TV and navigate to the section Applications.
  • Please choose a type of entertainment Choose History.
  • After selecting the channel, you can view it on your Fire TV.

Way to Activate the History Channel on Android. 

Follow the steps mentioned below to activate the History channel on Android.

  • Please Open the Play Store app from the home screen on your Android device.
  • So once you are inside Android Play Store, Use the search bar at the top to locate the Histories App.
  • Please tap on the icon and hit the install. Click the button below to download it locally.
  • So you can download the HISTORY Android app, and Once the installation is completed, open the HISTORY application.
  • After this, Sign in with your History or TV provider account at the initial HISTORY screen to access the entire History Channel library.