A wishlist is a place where your purchased games on steam are added. Steam is the best platform to play or stream games online. Using the steam service, one can purchase the high graphic as well as “AAA” title games. After successfully purchasing games on steam, one can add them to a Wishlist and make it public. Many streamers make their profile public and provide steam games. So if you want to visit someone’s profile and then the Wishlist of games that they have, here are the steps provided. Just go through these steps, and then you will be able to see someone’s Wishlist from a mobile application or stream web.

What is a steam Wishlist?

Steam wishlists are the selected game by any streamer. The game you like and wish to purchase and play is provided in the Wishlist. If you are a game lover and want to purchase the game in the near future, you can save the best games you like and want to play. So you can also make this wishlist public so that your friends on steam or any other person can visit the profile, then the Wishlist, and then try to purchase the respective game. So here is the detailed explanation about the steam wishlist.

What are the requirements to see the steam wishlist?

Following are the checkpoints that are required to see or visit the steam wishlist;

  • Account on steam: One must create a steam account first.
  • The steam account and profile must be public, so anyone can visit it.
  • If private, then you must have friends to show them the steam profile.
  • Or if anyone wants to visit the Wishlist of any other person, then the person must be a steam friend.
  • Stable internet connection.
  • There must be games added to the steam account.

How to see the Wishlist of someone on steam?

Following is the process by which you can see someone’s Wishlist on steam;

  • First, the person must be your friend on steam, or their account must be open or public.
  • Then in the menu bar, you get the friends and chat option.
  • Click on it, and you will get a different friend option.
  • Go to the friend option and click on the profile of the one you want to see on the Wishlist.
  • You can also search for the account using the search bar.
  • Then go to the option of the game provided over there.
  • Finally, you will be able to see the steam wishlist on your PC.
  • You can even purchase the game by adding it to the cart and then checking out the cart.
  • Now the game will be present in your game library.

How to see the steam profile as well as Wishlist using the steam mobile application?

see the steam profile

The following process explains you to download the steam mobile application, create an account on it and then visit the profile as well as the Wishlist of any person;

  • So first of all, visit the google play store.
  • Then click on the search bar to search for a steam application.
  • Then just click on the install button as soon as you enter the steam application details.
  • After successful installation, go and open the application.
  • Login to your account if you have one.
  • If not, then create an account by providing the email address.
  • It will set your profile name, i.e., id, as well as password.
  • Using these details sign in to your steam account.
  • Then just go to the many bars as listed by three lines in the upper left corner.
  • Now go to the friends and chat section over here.
  • Click on it and then go to the friend’s option.
  • Here you will get your friend list.
  • Scroll down and find out the profile of your friend or whose Wishlist you need to visit.
  • Then just click on the profile icon.
  • Here you will get the games tab.
  • Go to it, and it will show to the library and games on the Wishlist of a particular person.
  • So in this way, you can visit the profile and then see the games on the steam wishlist.

How to purchase any game on steam using the steam wishlist?

Once you visit the steam wishlist of any particular person, you can purchase the game from the Wishlist itself. The steps to purchase games are as follows;

  • Go to the steam wishlist.
  • Then select any game and click on it.
  • Here you will get the add-to-cart option.
  • Click on it, and the game will now add to the cart.
  • Now go to the cart, located in the upper right corner.
  • Here click on the checkout option.
  • Now it will redirect you to the payment page.
  • Select the payment options from the list provided.
  • Then complete the payment process.
  • Once done then, you will receive the receipt of a successful purchase.
  • In this way, you can purchase the steam games using the steam profile as well as Wishlist.

How to make your steam profile public so that one can visit your steam wishlist?

Following are the steps required to set your steam profile to public and will allow the visitors to visit your steam wishlist;

  • First of all, go to your steam account using the login process.
  • Then just go to your profile section.
  • Click on the profile and then just go to the settings.
  • Here you will see the privacy settings.
  • Just go to the privacy settings and then change the privacy settings to public.
  • Now your privacy settings are public, and this will help your friends to visit your Wishlist.

What are the uses of providing the public steam wishlist?

Following are the uses of providing a public steam wishlist;

  • Send gift cards to your friends.
  • If you are a YouTuber or steam streamer, you can directly send gift cards to your subscribers with free games.
  • You can view the favorite games of your friend.
  • Also, you can sort out the best games and the games you need to purchase.

This is all about visiting someone’s steam wishlist.