Disney plus is one of the most popular platforms that streams newly released movies and series. Disney Plus is the latest version of Disney Walt. It streams a combination of the film by star wars, marvel, Hulu, and many other productions. If you use an android smart tv, you are lucky as Disney plus provides you with a direct application on your tv. But if you do not have a smart or android TV, then you must use other options to stream Disney plus shows on your tv. So here are some of the best suitable options for streaming Disney plus from phone to tv.

How to stream Disney plus on tv using screencasting?

Many other ott platforms do not allow them to cast their stream on tv using phones, but Disney plus is a unique platform here. It will enable the subscriber to cast and watch the stream on his tv. So you get many screens casting applications or inbuilt phone screencast that helps you bring your mobile screen to your tv.

  • Go to the play store and then download and install any one mirroring application on your smartphone.
  • If your smartphone supports screen mirroring, go to the settings and the screencast option.
  • Now connect your tv to a wifi network.
  • Also, make sure your smartphone is connected to the same network.
  • Then open the screen mirroring settings.
  • Then click on the add device option.
  • Here your tv name will be visible, and other devices capable of mirroring will be visible.
  • So select the name of your tv and then tap on the connect icon.
  • The mobile screen will now be visible on your tv.
  • Open up the Disney plus on your mobile and then open any stream.
  • Now tilt your phone in the horizontal direction, and you are set.
  • You can now watch all the shows of Disney plus on your tv.

Note: In this process, you cannot turn off your mobile screen or minimize the Disney plus mobile application. This will lead to failure in the Disney plus stream.

How to use Chromecast for casting Disney plus on your tv?

Chromecast is a standard application used to cast the applications directly on the tv or other platforms. Here you will not need to cast the whole smartphone screen on your tv. So here are the steps involved in casting Disney plus on your tv screen using Chromecast.

  • First, open the play store or any app store on your smart tv.
  • Then search for Chromecast on the play store.
  • Now click on the install button and wait till Disney plus installs on your tv.
  • Then connect your tv to the wifi network.
  • Now also ensure that your smartphone is connected to the same wifi network.
  • Then open the Chromecast on your smart tv.
  • Now go to the Disney plus application of your tv.
  • On Disney’s home screen, you will see the Chromecast option on the upper side.
  • Click on it.
  • Now the name of your tv will be visible here.
  • Click on the name of your tv and confirm the connection.
  • Now Disney plus will be playing instantly on your tv.
  • You can turn off your smartphone and watch Disney plus programs on your tv.

How to activate Disney plus on the android smart tv?

Disney plus on the android

Activation is the process in which, using the activation code, or Disney plus begin code, one can turn on Disney plus the smartphone. So the process of activation is as follows;

  • First, make sure you have a Disney plus account and a subscription to it.
  • Then go to your tv screen and then enter the application store.
  • Here download the Disney plus application and install it.
  • Now open the Disney plus application.
  • You will get an activation code with eight digits on the tv screen.
  • Open the Disney plus application on your smartphone.
  • Here go to the menu bar and click on the activate device button.
  • Then it will ask you to enter the eight-digit activation code.
  • Enter the code correctly and click on the activate button again.
  • Your tv screen will show you the Disney plus stream series and movies.
  • Now you can watch the stream of Disney plus on your tv.

Another method is directly visiting disneyplus.com/begin using the web browser of your tv. Then enter the login details and then the beginning code. Then by clicking on the activate button, Disney plus will activate on your tv.

How to cast the mobile screen to play Disney plus using google home?

Google home is one of the best platforms to cast your mobile screen to tv. For using google home to cast your mobile screen, you will need the google home application installed on your TV and mobile phone. Here are the steps to connect your tv to mobile;

  • First, go to google store on your tv and then download and install google home on your tv.
  • Then come to the mobile screen and download as well as install the google home app here too.
  • Now make sure to connect both devices to the same network or wifi.
  • Then open the home application on your tv as well as your mobile.
  • Click on add device option on your mobile.
  • Your tv name will be visible here.
  • Click on the connect button, and your TV can now cast every application on your phone.
  • That’s it.

Is there any device limit to streaming Disney plus on tv?

Disney Plus is available to stream only on the number of devices your subscription plan allows. Maximum 4 devices are allowed if you subscribe to the top plan of Disney plus. If you try signing in using the extra number of devices, then Disney plus will get automatic logout from the previous device. So you need to take care of the such situation. But if you try to cast. Your Disney plus, the tv, and smartphone are considered single devices.

This is all about streaming Disney plus on your tv using the mobile.