Disney Plus is the best online streaming platform right now. It streams movies and series from HBO max, Star Wars, Marvel, and Hulu. Movies are released here provided the date of their release. And also there are several fixed dates on which the series episodes are released. The video, as well as the audio quality of Disney plus, are the best among all streaming platforms. But the main problem is that disneyplus is specific to some platforms such as windows, Mac, iOS, and android. It has limitations when it comes to the Linux operating system. But here we have a solution to it. You can now be able to stream disneyplus on your Linux platform with these simple steps. So let’s begin with the process.

Watching Disneyplus on Linux Operating System:

Following are various methods to watch disneyplus on your Linux operating system But before proceeding to the setup, you must have a disneyplus subscribed account. So let’s go;

Watch Disneyplus on Linux Using Firefox Browser:

Here are the steps that will explain to you to watch disneyplus using the firefox web browser;

  • DRM also Called Digital Rights Management is a system that blocks some of the sites.
  • Disneyplus also prefers the DRM system.
  • So you will need to first enable the DRM system on your Linux Pc and then go for the disneyplus sign-in.
  • For this, you will need to visit the menu bar.
  • It is located in the right upper corner i.e. the Three lines on the right upper corner.
  • Then just go to the preferences option.
  • Click on it and the preferences menu opens up.
  • Then just scroll down till you see the DRM section.
  • Then you will get the section with a checkbox in front of it.
  • Now just tick the checkbox and applies the changes.
  • The changes apply automatically.
  • Then the next step is to get google chrome on windows.
  • So here it goes.

How to Get a Chrome User Agent?

User-agent of any operating system, as well as the application, is an Artificial Intelligence that offers the following system on your device. Similar is the chrome user agent. It allows you to access chrome as it is situated on the windows platform. So to get the chrome user agent you need to follow the steps given below;

  • Open the new tab on your firefox web browser.
  • Then search for https://www.whatismybrowser.com/guides/the-latest-user-agent/chrome.
  • This will take you to a site where you will get the latest user agent for chrome.
  • Simply navigate your mouse pointer to the context in front of Chrome on Windows.
  • Then just highlight all the context that comes under the “Latest Chrome agent Column”.
  • In this way, you can copy the user agent data.
  • Then again go to the menu bar by opening the new tab on your firefox web browser.
  • Here go to the preferred option and then you will get a specific URL at the top reflecting the about name first.
  • Now cut the preference name as situated in front of the about name and in place of it just enter “about:config”.
  • Hit the enter key.
  • Now click on the “Accept the Risk and Continue” button.
  • Here in the search bar type “general.useragent.override.disneyplus.com”.
  • After this, the entered address will appear with three different options.
  • Here you will need to select the String option such that it gets selected.
  • Then click on the “+” sign present in front of the string option.
  • Now in this box just right-click and paste the copied user agent data.
  • Click the check button.
  • Now open a new tab, go to disneyplus.com and you can now watch it on your Linux Pc.

How to Login to the disneyplus on Linux after setting up the string?

After the string is set up properly then you can log in to your Disney plus subscribed account as now firefox will act as chrome on windows. So here are the steps to login;

  • Just open a new tab on your firefox web browser.
  • Then in the search bar type the link i.e. www.disneyplus.com.
  • Hit the enter button and wait until you are on the Home page of disneyplus.
  • Just click on the login button that is present in the upper right corner of the home window.
  • Then enter your email address and password as the login credentials.
  • Hit the Login button and now you are successfully logged in to your disneyplus account.
  • You can also log in using the Mobile by entering the OTP received on your registered mobile number.
  • So this is all about logging in to your disneyplus account using Linux and the chrome user agent.

What are the settings that you need to perform on your windows Pc?

The following settings are necessary for getting chrome on windows for watching disneyplus on your Linux operating system;

  • Open the chrome web browser on your windows pc.
  • Then go to the top right corner of the chrome browser and tap on the three lines provided there.
  • Then just go to the more tools option.
  • here you will get the developer’s tool option.
  • Click on it to open up the developer settings.
  • In the next window select the console button.
  • Here type “navigator.useragent” and then the next arrow.
  • This will complete the steps for getting chrome on windows for your Linux pc.

How to get a disneyplus subscribed account for watching it on Linux?

Before proceeding to the console settings on the Linux PPC, you will need to get a disneyplus subscribed account with the active subscription. This is to watch the disneyplus programs on your Linux PC. So here are the steps to get the disneyplus subscribed account;

  • Just open any web browser on any device except the Linux device.
  • Then search for disneyplus.com using the search bar of it.
  • Now just hit the enter key and it will redirect you to the official site of disneyplus.
  • In the upper right corner, you will see a sign-in button.
  • Just navigate your mouse on it and then click on it.
  • Now instead of entering the sign-in details, just click on the create account button.
  • Then enter the details that it asks for you.
  • The details include first name, last name, email address, Postal code, and Date of birth.
  • Then confirm the details and finally create a strong password.
  • Now click on the “Create account” button.
  • Then simply your account is created.
  • Go to the subscription section.
  • Here select any one subscription option.
  • Then click on the continue button.
  • You will now need to pay for the selected subscription plan.
  • Select the payment method and then enter the card details.
  • Finally, complete the payment and you will receive the message of a successful subscription.
  • This is all about getting a disneyplus account with an active subscription.


Is disneyplus available for the Linux Platform?

Ans: No disneyplus streaming is not officially available for the Linux platform but you can watch it on Linux. To watch you will first need to get the chrome user agent and then activate it on your Firefox browser. Then after using a new tab you can catch disneyplus on the Linux platform.

When will disneyplus be available for the Linux platform?

Ans: Disneyplus is trying to overcast its streaming o the Linux platform. In the near future, the disneyplus platform will be available on each and every operating system. So you will get the Disney plus official streaming on Linux very soon in the near future.

Is there any risk of getting the chrome user agent on Linux?

Ans: Getting the chrome user agent is simply getting the chrome browser as it works on the Windows PC. It is safe to have the chrome user agent on the Linux platform. Also, it depends on the site through which you get the chrome user agent. But following the above-given process, you will never have any risk to your Linux PC as well as files present on it. So it is the safest method.

Can I watch Disneyplus on the Linux platform for a free trial?

Ans: Yes the free trial is available for every platform. Although disneyplus is not available for Linux operating system, the free version is available if you use the chrome user agent. You can get a free trial of 7 days as that of getting it on chrome and windows Pc. So here you can enjoy watching free movies and then get an active subscription.

What is the Chrome User agent on Windows?

Ans: Sometimes there is a situation where you cannot access a particular site on a specific operating system. So happens with the disneyplus. This is called disabling the DRM setting of that web browser. Disneyplus uses the DRM method for getting access to various operating systems. For the Linux operating system, the DRM setting is disabled for the Linux system. So first you need to enable the settings and then get disneyplus on the Linux platform. Chrome user agent helps you transform your Linux firefox web browser to a chrome web browser on windows. it’s just like an AI that runs in the front compartment.