It was challenging to install the android system apps today, but the Windows Subsystem for Android Preview makes it possible. In collaboration with Amazon, Windows has provided the amazon store from which users can download the android application on windows 11. But the major issue occurs regarding the Android play store installation. The Windows subsystem for android preview does not allow play store installation. But google play store is the central core of android apps. So here is the guide that will explain to you to install the google play service on your Windows 11 device.

How to download and install the Google play store using WSA?

The Windows subsystem for android (WSA) is an application that will help you install all the applications on your Windows device. Also, it will help you download and install the google play store on your Windows 11 machine. So follow the steps given below to download and install the google play store on windows 11 using WSA;

Turning the Developer mode:

To turn on the developer mode;

  • Turn on your Windows 11 device.
  • Then click on the windows button on your desktop.
  • Navigate to the search bar and search for the developer settings option.
  • Enter into the developer settings.
  • Here the first option is developer mode.
  • Turn on the developer mode by pressing the on button.
  • Now your developer mode is turned on.

Installing the WSA package:

To install the WSA package ;

  • Open your web browser and then go to the search bar.
  • In the search bar, type the link “”.
  • Also, download one more file named Kernel file from here.
  • The link for this file is ““.
  • After you download both files, go to the download folder.
  • Extract the WSA package into a folder.
  • Copy the Kernel file and then go to the WSA extracted folder.
  • Then go to the tools folder and paste the kernel file into this folder.
  • Make sure to replace the file with the destination.
  • Now open the windows PowerShell administrator application from the search bar.
  • In this, copy the location of the WSA folder and then paste it into the PowerShell administrator folder.
  • Press enter.
  • Now copy this command “Add-AppxPackage -Register .\AppxManifest.xml”.
  • And paste it into the same windows PowerShell just at the right place.
  • Press enter again.
  • Now the WSA will install successfully.

To turn on the WSA developer mode:

  • After the installation of the WSA application, open it.
  • Just go to the settings of the WSA application.
  • Here navigate down and then turn on the developer mode.
  • This is a critical process.

Installation of the play store:

  • As soon as you turn on the developer option, the play store will start doing its work.
  • The google play service will start working, and the play store will now be available in the menu bar.
  • Just open the google play store and then sign in to your google account.
  • Now you can download and install any application or game using the google play store.

This is the detailed process of installing the google play store services on your Windows 11 device using the Windows subsystem for android application.

How to install the google play store on windows 11 using bluestacks?

Although bluestacks is an old method of installing the android system on windows, it works. Bluestacks acts as an emulator for android to work on windows, especially windows 11. So let’s look at downloading bluestacks and then the play store in it.

  • Go to on your windows web browser.
  • Then you get two options, i.e., download bluestacks ten and download bluestacks 5.
  • Click on the Download Bluestacks 10 button.
  • Now the download will start.
  • After the download is finished, go to the download location.
  • Double click on the downloaded file.
  • Run it and permit it to installation.
  • Click the continue button and then again click the yes button.
  • Press the install now button.
  • And wait for the building to occur.
  • Now after installation, the bluestack application opens.
  • In this application, you get the google play store pre-installed.
  • Open the google play store and then log in to your account.
  • After this, install any application and then go for it.

This is the installation of google play services using the bluestacks application in windows 11.

How to uninstall the old Windows Subsystem for Android application?

To uninstall the WSA application;

  • Turn on your Windows 11 PPC and then go to the start button.
  • Here you can see the WSA application, i.e., Windows Subsystem for Android.
  • This application is in blue.
  • Just navigate your mouse pointer over the application and then right-click on it.
  • Press the Uninstall button over here.
  • Wait for a few seconds until the notification window appears.
  • In the notification window, confirm the installation.
  • Now, wait for a few more seconds.
  • The old WSA application will vanish from your system.

How to install the Google play store on windows 11 using the Magiskonwsa?

To install the google play store using the Magiskonwsa;

  • Uninstall your old WSA from your Windows 11 device.
  • Then open any web browser.
  • Type Magiskonwsa in the search bar.
  • Click on the first link, and you will reach the GitHub report.
  • It includes google apps inbuilt.
  • First, create your GitHub account and sign in to it.
  • Now go to the Actions tab and then into the Build WSA tab.
  • Here you get two download options, i.e., for 32-bit and 64-bit PCs.
  • Please select any one option according to your system and download it.
  • Now open the downloaded file and extract it.
  • Open the extracted folder and then navigate to the file install.
  • Right-click on this fila and run on Powershell.
  • Tye y and hit the enter button.
  • The installation begins.
  • Wait for the installation to finish.
  • Restart your system and then open the WSA.
  • Now go to the search menu and search for turn on windows features.
  • From here, turn on the windows features.
  • Turn on the Virtual Machine tab also.
  • Reboot your PC and then again open the WSA application.
  • Now the google play store is ready to install on your Windows 11.

This is all about installing the Google play store on windows 11.