Suppose we have to transfer any information or data we need to connect an external Hard drive. But after using the External Hard Drive, we need to remove it. So we directly remove it without ejecting it. So it is not safe to remove the External Hard Drive directly. For that, we have to follow a process of ejection. The same is true with removing the Hard Drive from Windows 11; when we release any External Drive, the chances of losing or corruption of data.

So an ejection process to remove the Hard Drive from Windows 11 is followed to keep the data inside it safe. Here Microsoft suggests you follow the proper device removal procedure. Ejecting a Hard drive from Windows 11 is much easy, but it also tells you to follow some steps to remove or eject it. So we will see the procedure followed to remove or eject the Hard Drive from Windows 11. Following are the steps to eject the Hard Drive safely without losing data on Windows 11;

Benefits of safe ejection of Hard Drive on Windows 11:-

Here are some benefits of the safe ejection of Hard drives on Windows 11. As we know, USB flash drives and external hard drives are common. We require an external hard drive to store our videos, images, and some documents that are important and can stay for a long time. But keeping the data safe is the most important work. To keep the data safe, we must go for a systematic ejecting process. The data will remain safe if the hard drive is safely ejected.

But what we do is take it out randomly without following some steps. So the inside data gets corrupted and deleted. Using the ejecting method, we can save the inside data from corruption. When an external hard drive is in reading or writing mode, the Windows 11 device will ask your permission to eject before doing it. Another benefit is that the hard drive will also be safe and have a long life. So safe ejection of the external hard drive is a must.

How to safely eject Hard Drive on Windows 11?

We will see various methods to eject Hard drives on Windows 11 safely. We are here to explain the process. If you want to eject your external Hard Drive safely or if you want your data to be safe, then you need to follow the steps below;

  • Now open the Desktop of your Windows 11.
  • There on the taskbar in the corner, you will see the Eject Media button.
  • Then you have to double-click on the icon option then. It will display the list of all the ejectable devices.
  • The list of devices that are connecting to your Windows 11 device.
  • Now the name of the device will appear in that list.
  • You will see the eject option when you take your cursor on the device.
  • After clicking on the Eject option, Windows will tell you that the device is safe to remove.
  • Now you can unplug the Hard Drive from Windows 11.
  • Here your data will be safe on the Hard Drive.
  • There is another way to eject the Hard Drive from Windows 11.
  • One can eject the Hard Drive using File Explorer.
  • Go to the file explorer, and other find the device.
  • Then right-click on the device you want to eject.
  • After that, select the eject option.
  • Before that, keep in mind that you have to close all open files from the Hard Drive.
  • And that’s it, and the file eject process is successful.

Updates regarding Windows 11:-

Updates regarding Windows 11

Following are the new updates regarding Windows 11;

  • The look of Windows 11 has changed its look by adding a new taskbar, Start menu, and improved stock applications.
  • It also has multitasking features and native Android application support in it.
  • But still, some Features of Windows 11 are not present and unclear in 22H2 updates of Windows 11.
  • The new feature will work faster and smoother with modern features.
  • Some new designs and languages are present in Windows 11, like dark mode Run tools.
  • Again the new feature is that one can drag and drop from the taskbar, which Microsoft removed in Windows 11.
  • Windows 11 provides the round edge swap form.
  • Windows 11 supports the Microsoft stock application, which supports third-party suppliers.
  • So these are the new features of Windows 11.

About Windows 11 safe eject of Hard Drive:-

Everyone faces the problem of data erasure and data corruption while ejecting the Hard Drive unexpectedly from Windows 11. So, important files and data can be lost while unplugging the Hard Drive. The same thing happens with Windows 11. So Windows 11 provides various methods to unplug the Hard Drive from Windows 11. For that, one must connect the Hard Drive to the port of Windows 11.

After that, the Windows 11 device will provide a drive letter tab on the Desktop, which is regarding the new device that has been connecting recently. After the whole process, the file explorer will open on the Desktop. On the Desktop, you will see that the device detection is successful with the drive letter. Or once can directly give a command by a command letter that is C and then click the Enter button. That’s it; safely removing the Hard drive from Windows 11 is successful.

Problems faced during Hard Drive eject from Windows 11:-

Following are the problems faced during the eject process of the Hard Drive on Windows 11;

  • We see that ejecting the Hard drive on Windows 11 is somewhat difficult in some cases of some devices.
  • One can fix this problem by restarting the Windows 11 device and then trying to eject the Hard drive.
  • Or you can also remove the hard drive’s cord and reconnect it to the Hard drive.
  • The next option is to stop the working in between.
  • One can download the DriveFix application and install it to fix the problem.
  • Then scan for the device or drive that can find the problematic device.
  • And then update the drive or the new version of the driver.
  • The problem may also cause if the drive is still working or if any page is working.

That’s it, and these are the problems faced by the operators.