Suppose creating your own Netflix or Hulu streaming service. For a moment, this is what Plex has been offering.

You can make your own personalised media center using your own collection of movies, videos, and other content from the Plex media server app. You can then share with several services.

On the other hand, with Plex expanding there are more options to stream media online.

The media streaming is made possible by Plex channels, which you can add to the Plex media app, giving you access to a diverse range of content. Below is a list of the top most popular Plex channels, which contain the best content.

1. BringThePopcorn

bring the popcorn

BringThePopcorn is one of the best unofficial Plex channels for movies. Also, it provides access to a huge range of Hollywood films. The database is not updated as often as some other channels. But for sure you will find an impressive collection of movies.

You can also add BringThePopcorn to Plex by downloading the channel plugin from GitHub. When it is downloaded, then unzip the plugin bundle and then move or copy it to the Plug-ins folder in the Plex Media Server directory on your PC.

2. CBC


Thinking to stream your favorite sport? CBC is the channel to add. It provides access to a huge range of sports content, from live-action sports to news, highlights, and much more.

This is one more of the several unofficial Plex channels, and then you won’t find its Plug-in in the Plex app. However, you can download a CBC Plex bundle from GitHub, unpack it (unzip it), and then move it to Plex Media Server’s plug-ins folder.

3. Pandora


Pandora is one of the most famous official Plex Channels. It provides access to a wide range of music on Plex, including radio content. This is a great option for Google Music and Spotify, which are both unsupported and need a paid subscription to use.

To add Pandora, open your Plex app and on the main interface, click on the Channels menu item located on the sidebar. Search the channels till you come across Pandora. Select it and press the install button to add.

4. Vimeo


Vimeo is an awesome online platform if you are looking to stream cool, ad-free online videos. With the Vimeo channel for Plex media server connected devices.

To add the channel, go to the Channels sidebar on the Plex app main interface, choose the Vimeo plug-in, and press the install button.

5. FmoviePlus


FmoviePlus is another awesome free movie channel on Plex. This has a large database of movies, including the recent releases, which you can enjoy at a crisp 1080p resolution or higher.

FmoviePlus is an unofficial Plex channel, so you need to download the plug-in bundle from a third-party source. You can also find some good options on GitHub.

Download a plug-in bundle, unzip it, and move it to the plug-ins folder of the Plex Media Server on your computer.

6. Dailymotion


This is another amazing channel for streaming online videos for Plex. It provides you access to the Dailymotion video-sharing website, where you can see lots of videos, from songs, movies and TV shows, web series, fan videos, and more.

To add the Dailymotion channel, visit Plex App main interface and click on the Channel menu item on the sidebar. Search the channels, choose Dailymotion, and click on the install button.

7. Comedy Central

Comedy Central

It’s all laughter on Plex with Comedy Central. The channel gives you access to tons of comedy TV shows, including classic series that are timeless, yet forgotten. 

You can search the Comedy Central channel on the supported plug-ins directory on the Plex app main interface. Install it to start watching your favorite comedy shows.

8. Nickelodeon & Nick jr


In case, you are looking for great Plex content for kids, Nickelodeon and Nick jr are good channels to install. They provide access to a variety of content from Nickelodeon and Nick jr networks.

Both are official channels, thus you can find their plug-ins in the Plex app plug-in directory. Simply install them to begin streaming their content.

9. Disney Junior Channel

Disney Junior

Disney Junior is another one of the great Plex TV channels for Kids. It provides you access to a huge range of content from the Disney network including reruns  of old episodes.

Also, you can add the channel by downloading a third-party unsupported plug-in bundle from GitHub and then directing it to the Plex Media Server directory on your PC.

10. Fox News

fox news

This is one of the awesome channels for Plex news content. It provides you access to news stories, current events, and breaking news featured on the Fox News network.

Moreover, to add the channel, visit the main interface on the Plex app, click on the channel menu item, search available channels till you come across Fox News and then install it.

11. CBS

CBS channel

CBS is another top TV channel on Plex. with it, you can access all of CBS on-demand programming content, also online content found on CBS website.

To add the channel, simply search the available supported channel plug-ins on Plex app, select CBS and then click on the install button.

12. CCloud TV

cCloud TV

CCloud TV is another famous Plex channel that allows you to stream a hige range of content, from films, TV shows, music, radio, sports, and more. This is one of the most famous unofficial channels on Plex.

Also, you can add it to your channel list by downloading a CCloud TV plug-in bundle from GitHub. After that, unpack and move the bundle to the plug-ins folder in the Plex Media Server Directory.

13. SS-Plex

ss plex channel

SS-Plex is one of the essential channels you must have on your Plex channel list. It provides you access to a big range of content scattered around the internet. Need the best and latest movies and TV shows, SS-Plex is the answer.

As it is unsupported, you want to download the plug-in from a third-party source. After that, copy the plug-in files to the Plex Media Server “Plug-ins” folder on your computer.

14. NFL Network

NFL Network

If you are a fan of the National Football League (NFL), then this will be a great addition to your stream channel list. Which provides access to interesting content including live and previous games.

Just like with other unsupported Plex channels, you can search a third-party plug-in bundle on GitHub. Download it, unzip it, and then direct it to the Plex Media Server plug-ins folder on your computer.

15. BitTorrent


Last but not least there is BitTorrent. One of the top Plex channels for movies, it provides you access to a big range of movies and TV shows that are available on BitTorrent sites.

After that, Add it to your Plex channel list and start enjoying the best of the peer-to-peer movie and TV shows content. 

To add the channel to Plex, you need to  download a third-party plug-in bundle from GitHub. Unzip it, and direct it to the plug-ins folder of the Plex Media Server directory on your computer to begin streaming movies and TV series.

Are you searching for entertaining online content on Plex? The above mentioned are some of the most popular Plex channels that are currently available. These include both official and unsupported Plex channels.

You need to check them out for good content that will supplement your own collection of movies, TV shows, videos, and music on Plex Media Server.