Trakt TV is a social media tool that allows you to interact with other users and see what media they are now watching. Trakt Tv is, in other words, a media discovery and engagement platform for TV addicts and developers.

As a result of the media centre scrobbling and third-party API access, you can interact with almost any device. Users can, however, track, discover, and share material. Keep track of what you watch and when you watch it. Find out what’s new and where to go.

You may automatically track every TV show and movie you view from your media box. Keep all of your devices in sync, even across apps. Install the plugin and sign in to your Trakt account to get started.

If you have the Media Center plug-ins installed, you will be able to sync with your account without having to provide an account username and password. You can use your social network accounts to log in with this plugin. We’ve made it simple to link the application to the Media Centre.

How To Make A Trakt Account

Step 1: Click Here: “”

Step 2: Now enter your email address, username, and password, then click Confirm Password and check the “Mark” box under “Terms and Conditions.”

Step 3: Then click the “Join Trakt” button.

Step 4: When you start Trakt from the “Media centre,” a “8 number code” will appear, as shown in the figure below.

Step 5: If you cannot find the code, please follow the steps below “Plugin Settings” > > Look for the “Authentication Section.” Some “Instructions” will be presented, along with the “8 Digit Code.”

Step 6: Return to the “Program” menu and type “” (on your phone, tab, PC, or whatever other device you are currently using).

Step 7: Enter “8 Digits Code” and press the “Continue” button.

Step 8: Then you’ll see a notification saying, “Allow access to the media centre to utilise your Account.” Then, select “Yes.”

Step 9: Return to the “Media Centre,” and you’ll see: “Your account is linked.”

If you want to link other devices to it, such as, you can, but please read the accompanying warning first.

Turn On Traktfor Kodi, Plex, Netflix, And Media Centre

trakt for kodi

Trakt Television It’s a plug-in that lets you scrobble and track what you’re watching on Kodi, Plex, or other media players. You’ll be able to see your viewing history not only on the device you’re using, but also on other devices having a account. To utilise Trakt, you must first enable it.

The instructions below will walk you through activating across a variety of stages and focuses. To activate it and avoid circumstances when activation fails, follow the instructions for your device.

The Most Effective Way To Install Trakt. To Add Trakt To Tv On Kodi. Kodi Television

Start Kodi. Select the search icon on the left-hand side. Select Hunt Add-ons. Sort through and then enter or click OK. Select Script Trakt, then Install on the next screen that displays. Keep an eye out for the Add-On approved pop-up. We should discuss the actuation mechanism when you’ve introduced

Turn On Trakt Tv On Smart TV

Start the app on your TV. A confirmation window will appear, displaying the 8-digit number. If the code does not display in the Configure menu, go to What can I do to allow Open onto a programme on your PC or mobile phone browser.

A screen will appear requesting that you enter the code on your device. If you haven’t signed up for yet, a record join structure will appear. Click the join button to sign up for an account.

Enter the code precisely as it appears on the smart tv and then click Continue.

Exodus Trakt.Tv Installation Guide

If you’re using Exodus Redux or another version, you can download by following these steps:

Exodus will be launched. Select Tools > Settings. Navigate to Trakt > Authorization. A pop-up window will appear with your PIN code. How can I activate for Plex and other media centres?

Locate and install from the media centre’s app store, Open Trakt, and then select Authorization. On your PC or smartphone browser, go to Input the code that appears in your media centre. If you haven’t already done so, you’ll need to create an account on Trakt. Continue to link the account, and then allow your device to connect to Return to your media centre to watch your movies and TV series on Trakt.

Trakt.Tv Activity Doesn’t Work? This Is What You Should Do


If isn’t operating or isn’t functioning properly, use the following troubleshooting steps:

Install the most recent version of your media player. Make sure you update Trakt to the most recent version that works with Kodi, Plex, or any other device that connects to the internet. If you restart Kodi or close the Authorization page, a new validation code may be generated.

Examine your web association. A sluggish association may pose problems when interacting.

If none of these choices work, try activating it with a different module.

If it works, you can seek assistance from the developer of the plugin that failed to complete the task. If none of the aforementioned work, you should contact Trakt.

Now that you’ve linked the Kodi Trakt add-on to your Trakt account, you can start watching your favourite TV shows and movies. Trakt runs in the background and quietly syncs your actions. However, you can adjust the settings such that you are notified whenever there is a Trakt action on Kodi. Trakt will learn about your viewing habits and recommend the finest TV shows and movies for you. Visit to see what Trakt has logged for you.

Final Words

  • The activation will allow you to trace your watch’s history across several apps on your device in one place. Also, make sure Tvone TV is turned on.
  • It is critical that you follow the activation procedure outlined above in order to utilise the Trakt TV programme on your device.