To pass the time, we all stream our favourite movies, TV shows, series, and other content. We want them customised so that they include the categories we enjoy and omit the categories we wish to get rid of. These functionalities are offered through a service called VidAngel. With the help of VidAngel, you can stream your preferred content online. Most devices can be used with VidAngel. We will learn more about displaying VidAngel on a big screen. You can use this guide to learn how to use Roku to watch VidAngel.

VidAngel is an online service that allows you to watch your preferred video in a customised way. It debuted in the market that same year. People in the US can use the service VidAngel. Neal Harmon, Jeffrey Harmon, Daniel Harmon, and Jordan Harmon are the inventors of the VidAngel service. You can arrange the filters on VidAngel to see only the content you wish to see while watching. You can access Netflix and Amazon with VidAngel. You can use your device to watch your favourite movies.

Install VidAngel App

The first step is to download and set up the VidAngel app for casting or mirroring on your smartphone. Currently, Android and iOS users can download the VidAngel app. This suggests that neither a VidAngel iOS app nor a Windows software exist. VidAngel cannot be downloaded simultaneously for Apple TV and Roku. However, you can utilise VidAngel on your smart TV by mirroring.

Utilising the link, follow the steps to watch VidAngel Channel on Roku.

Step 1: On your Roku device, go to the Roku channel store.

Step 2: Click Add Channel after searching the VidAngel app.

Step 3: On your Roku, launch the VidAngel channel.

Step 4: On the Sign In button, click.

Step 5: Keep in mind the VidAngel link code.

Step 6: Use any browser to access

Step 7: Select the name of your device, then enter the code.

Step 8: Then click Next.

How To Use Apple TV To Watch Vidangel Channel?

Step 1: Visit the Apple App Store to get the VidAngel app.

Step 2: Open the app, then click “Sign in.”

Step 3: Note the code that appears on your TV screen.

Step 4: Browse on a computer or mobile device.

Step 5: Name of your device, please

Step 6: Enter the code that appears on your TV.

Step 7: Activate “Save Device”

Step 9: Use the VidAngle app to watch videos.

How To Visit The Website To Watch Vidangel Channel?

Step 1: Go to in the browser on your computer.

Step 2: Select Create Account from the menu.

Step 3: Enter the Required Information.

Step 4: After verification, select Sign in.

Step 5: Go to the “Profile” section after successfully logging in and select “Manage Streaming Services.”

Step 6: For your Chrome browser, you must download the VidAngel Extension.

Step 7: On your PC, you can visit the VidAngel channel.

VidAngel on a Samsung Smart TV: How to Use It

Any smart TV that supports screencast can use this method. On Samsung, Apple, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Firestick, we tested this strategy.

The screencast method, which I will share with you in this post, is all that is required to download and install VidAngel on a smart TV.

Before we begin, make sure you download and install the VidAngel app on your smartphone using the steps listed above.

Step 1: Install VidAngel on your smart TV by downloading it (Android or iPhone).

Step 2: Connect your Samsung Smart TV and smartphone to the same Wi-Fi.

Step 3: On your Samsung or other Smart TV, look up the movie you wish to view.

Step 4: Click “Watch with Netflix” after choosing your movie or television show’s filter.

Step 5: Await the film before you confirm the title.

Step 6: Tap “Send to TV” or “Watch Now” to start streaming content from your smartphone to your smart TV or Samsung Smart TV.

Step 7: “Samsung Smart TV” should be located and selected from the accessible devices.

Step 8: To cast or mirror your phone’s screen to your TV, select the name of your smart TV from the list.

Step 9: Your smart TV will begin playing the movie.

You may now choose between using the smart TV remote or your phone to manage the volume, pause, and play of movies on your smart TVs, among other functions.

Unable to Use VidAngel on Samsung Smart TV?

After attempting mirroring and casting, I’ll go over a few reasons why the VidAngel app isn’t functioning on your Samsung smart TV.

Utilizing the VidAngel app on your smart TV can present you with a distinct issue. But when the VidAngel app on my Samsung Smart TV stopped functioning, I realised I was using a different Wi-F. Therefore, to be able to view your smart TV on the list of accessible devices to select from when you have an error using VidAngel on your smart TV, verify and validate that you are connected to the same Wi-Fi.

I was connected to the same network, but the buffering was displaying an error message, which is another issue. There is no need for concern. To see if there is internet connectivity, check your Wi-Fi. Restart the Wi-Fi and try to connect again if it doesn’t work. You should now be able to watch VidAngel videos on your Samsung Smart TV.

Last but not least, you must download and set up the most recent version for your phone. Your phone’s previous app may have a bug that prevents it from casting or functioning properly.

How Do I Get A Vidangel Subscription?

Step 1: Go to in your browser.

Step 2: Enter your email address in the box and click the “Get Started” button.

Step 3: You will be taken to a new window. Choose a password.

Step 4: Click the “Sign Up” button.

Step 5: Examine the pricing and then click “Get it.”

Step 6: Enter your billing information and press “Start Membership.”