If you enjoy home improvement and gardening shows, then HGTV is the channel to watch. They recently released a web service that can be accessed by smartphones, tablets, Smart TVs, and other connected devices.

However, before you can watch HGTV on your selected gadget, you must first activate it. In this article, we will demonstrate how to activate HGTV across several devices.

To activate HGTV, you must have a TV provider. Before you can begin streaming, you must first sign in to your account. You will be able to watch HGTV Go without cable once you join up.

The HGTV app is available for free to download. It is accessible on a variety of app shops, including Google Play, the App Store, the Roku Channel Store, and the Amazon Store.

How Can I Activate HGTV

Step 1: Launch the HGTV app on your device.

Step 2: On your screen, you will see an activation code.

Step 3: Visit watch.hgtv.com/activate or https /watch.hgtv.com/link on your computer.

Step 4: Enter the activation code here.

Step 5: Click the Activate button.

Step 6: Select your TV provider from the drop-down option.

Step 7: HGTV Go has been successfully activated.

Hgtv Go Features 

  • HGTV programming is available both live and on-demand.
  • You can enable closed captioning on both reside In addition, on-demand flows
  • You will not have to pay anything more to access HGTV GO’s streaming library.
  • You can use it whenever you want.

If your TV provider is not listed above, click “A-Z TV providers” to see the full list of TV providers that can be used to watch the HGTV app on your smart TV and HGTV web on your browsers.

Turn On Hgtv On Your Roku Streaming Device

HGTV on Roku

Step 1: Navigate to your Roku device’s home screen.

Step 2: Open the Roku channel shop and search for and add HGTV Go.

Step 3: Open the HGTV Go app on your Roku-connected TV.

Step 4: The activation code will show on the screen of your television.

Step 5: From any web browser, navigate to watch.hgtv.com/activate.

Step 6: Fill in the activation code.

Step 7: Click the Activate button.

Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the HGTV activation process. If you followed the procedures correctly, the HGTV activation code and watch.hgtv.com/activate on your TV will immediately update and take you to the HGTV programmes on your device.

Turn On Hgtv On Your Apple TV

HGTV on Apple TV

Step 1: Go to the App Store on your Apple TV. You must locate the HGTV GO app using the search option. Simply type HGTV GO into the search bar and press the search icon.

Step 2: You must select the HGTV GO app from the search results. You’ll be taken to the preview page.

Step 3: To download and install the application, pick the Get option on the preview screen and then press the Touch surface of your Siri remote.

Step 4: NOTE: If you want to install a premium programme, you must first click the Buy button.

Step 5: When the HGTV GO application is installed on your Apple TV, its symbol will display on the Home screen. You must now run the programme and sign in if asked. The activation code and activation instructions will then be displayed on your screen.

Step 6: Now, open a web browser on your phone, computer, or tablet and navigate to the watch.hgtv.com/activate button to access the HGTV GO activation page.

Step 7: On the activation screen, input the activation code in the appropriate field and then click the ACTIVATE! button. 

Wait until the HGTV activation code has been processed. When the processing is finished, the HGTV activation code screen on your Apple TV will immediately refresh and load content from the HGTV server to your smart TV’s HGTV app.

Go On Amazon Fire Tv And Activate Hgtv

Step 1: Go to the Apps area on your Amazon Fire TV. You must hunt for the HGTV GO app using the search option in the Apps area.

Step 2: Once you’ve located the application, navigate to its preview page to download and install it on your Amazon Fire TV.

Step 3: Return to the home screen after installing the app to open it. When you run the application, you will be required to sign in in order to obtain the activation code.

Step 4: NOTE: If you are not required to sign in to the application, you will be sent the activation code along with the activation instructions immediately.

Step 5: Now, on your device, phone or laptop, open a web browser like chrome and navigate to the watch.hgtv.com/activate page.

Step 6: Enter the activation code in the appropriate space on the activation page and click the Activate! button.

Step 7: Following that, simply follow the on-screen steps to finish the activation procedure and begin watching HGTV GO on your Amazon Fire TV.

Keep an eye on the TV screen and go to watch.hgtv.com/activate for the next step in the HGTV activation procedure. If there is nothing else to do on your Amazon Fire TV, the HGTV app will begin to function.

How to Turn On Hgtv On Chromecast

HGTV on Chromecast

Here’s how to use Chromecast to cast HGTV episodes from your phone or tablet:

Step 1: Install the HGTV app from an app store.

Step 2: Connect your Chromecast to your connected television.

Step 3: Select the Chromecast device on which you want to see the content.

Step 4: After that, click Cast.

You must first activate the device before proceeding.

What If HGTV TV Activation Code is Not Working

It will be frightening to realise that the HGTV TV activation code will not activate the HGTV app after going through the preceding stages. 

  • Restart your streaming device or smart TV.
  • Obtain a fresh activation code.
  • Examine your TV service provider’s subscription.
  • Remove and reinstall the HGTV app.
  • Update the firmware on your Samsung smart TV.