If you are trying to take your meetings online, then online meeting tools, screen sharing, and audio and video sharing become some important aids for you. These types of sharing are done using some specific applications. In this covid pandemic, many schools, colleges, and companies shifted their meetings to online meeting tools. Also, the tools responded well to it. So here are some of the best tools that will help you gain a good communicable string with your colleagues and will also provide a meeting environment. Some of these tools are free, but many are paid, i.e. accessible free for a limited time or participants. But before proceeding to it, let’s see Webex in detail.

What is Webex?

Webex is an online platform that will help you conduct your meetings and perform video conferencing and screen sharing. Webex was developed in the united states and remained the best video conferencing and meeting application in the united states. It runs on many platforms such as apple, iOS, Mac, Windows, and Android systems. You can simply download the Webex latest version and then run the application. One can also switch to the advanced version by paying for it. Not all users like to use Webex due to personal issues and interface problems. So here are the best alternatives to Webex to help you conduct your meetings online and video conferencing with your colleagues.

What are the 7 Best Alternatives to Webex?

Following are the 7 best alternatives to Webex;

1. Google Meet:

Google meet emerged as the best online meeting and video conferencing platform in times of pandemic. Here you can add at the most 100 participants by sharing a joining link on the social media platform. You can create the meeting, schedule the meeting and then take the meeting as scheduled. During meetings, one can also share their screen, videos, and audio. And the best part is there’s a chat section available in google meet that will help you solve your problems while discussing them with your colleague or teacher. On google meet, the host has the right to control the audio as well as video part of the rest participants. The participants can also turn their cameras and mic on or off during the meeting. The application is available for Android, Windows, and Mac systems; you can access google meet using your web browser.

2. Zoom:

Zoom is also the best alternative to Webex. One can purchase the premium zoom subscription to gain access to various premium features. The premium features include sharing enormous data on the screen, Increasing the time of your meeting, increasing the addition of participants, and many more. Zoom provides its application to Android as well as windows users. The mac and iOS users can also access the zoom meeting platform. One can turn the audio and video on or off during the meeting. There are various restrictions that the meeting creator can input for the participants. The host can share the link to join the zoom meeting, and the meeting id and password can be shared. So, one can perform video conferencing, secret meetings, and many more using zoom meetings.

3. Microsoft teams:

Owing to the video conferencing platforms, Microsoft has also released its online video conferencing tool now. The Microsoft teams provide a huge background with screen sharing. Here you can conduct your meetings, share projects and ppts online, and share some videos and audio clips. One card adds up to as many participants as their team’s plan allows. So you need to upgrade the plan if you want to add up as many participants. The Microsoft teams are the best alternative to Webex as it provides its application on every platform. So the application is downloadable over the play store or Microsoft store. The interface is normal as well as simple to use.

4. Join.me:

Join. It is also the best alternative platform to Webex. It provides a maximum of 5 participants in the basic plans, which can be upgraded to 250 participants in the highest plan available. Here your meeting runs smoothly over the unstable internet connectivity. You can share data safely with the Join.me video conferencing platform. A free trial of around 14 days is available on each tier or plan on Join.me. There is a chat section where you can easily ask questions and solve your doubts. In this way, Join.me is the best solution for video conferencing and meetings.

5. Bluejeans:

Bluejeans is also the best video conferencing and screen-sharing platform available for you. Using blue jeans, you can add a maximum of 50 members in a basic plan and a maximum of 100 members in the pro plan. Here you get a free trial of 8 days, but there’s no availability of the free version for this. You can share the joining link to add your members. The bluejeans application supports Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android platforms. Nowadays, bluejeans is also trying to get the Linux version for it. It also provides cloud storage that helps you upload your notes, videos, ppts, and important files and then gives their access to your partners.

6. ClickMeeting:

ClickMeeting is also one of the best reliable web conferencing platforms available on the internet. Although it’s a very expensive video platform, it supports a minimum of 50 members in the basic plan and up to 10000 members in its highest pro plan. Click meeting is the best way to conduct your meetings as it provides modification options according to your company and institution. You can get a free trial of at least 25 days in which it provides a meeting lasting for 30 minutes and storage of 500Mb to 1Gb, depending on your meeting. It’s available for many operating systems such as windows, Android, Mac, and iOS.

7. JioMeet:

Jio, the sim card and telecommunication company, is now providing its meeting application named Jiomeet. Jiomeet is the best tool available for free use. Here you can add a maximum of 100 members to your meeting. The interface is quite simple and is handy to use. Even you can add more members by subscribing to the premium plan. Jiomeet hence is the best alternative to the Webex online application. It is supportive of each operating system.