You often face the error when you open up your windows 10 device. The error states that you have not activated the windows 10 product key. This means that you are running windows on a copy version, not the purchased version. But if you have purchased and activated it, the error occurs, which means the activation process is incomplete. It can occur due to the slow running of the windows server. So don’t worry about it, as you can activate the windows again and follow the proper steps in the guide below if you are facing a problem activating the windows; the solution is given below.

Windows 10 product key activation fix using the settings:

The process is too simple, and it includes the following minute steps;

To check the version of your windows 10:

Checking the version of your windows is very important. As it will decide whether your windows key will activate on it or not. To check the version,

  • Go to the windows search tool, which is present at the start bar of your windows desktop.
  • Then search for the Winter in it.
  • It will show you the version of your windows.
  • The version of your windows 10 must be 1607 and the following versions.
  • Then and then you will be able to activate the product key.

To run the troubleshoot on your windows 10:

The activation troubleshoot is an inbuilt tool that detects the fault in your system and then provides the solution. But the activation troubleshoot requires internet as it activates the windows. So connect your windows PC to the internet and then follow the steps given below;

  • Open your windows Pc settings from the start bar.
  • Then go to the activation tab in the settings present below.
  • Here you will know the status of the windows product key activation.
  • In this, scroll down and navigate to the troubleshoot option at the bottom.
  • Then click on it, and the troubleshoot will start running.
  • Then it will ask you to reenter the product key.
  • It will open the activation window on your windows device.
  • Here you need to enter the windows product key.
  • You must enter the key correctly.
  • Then click on the activate button.
  • Now, your windows will activate the product key after verifying the product key.
  • Now go to your windows PC and restart it.
  • Next time it will not show you the error for product key activation.

What is the product key for windows 10 activation?

The product key is a unique code of 25 digits. The product key is a type of verification of the product purchased from Microsoft. If you purchase windows 10 from the Microsoft store, you get its product key. But if you have purchased the pirated version, you do not get the product key. Also, the version is not updatable and will be slow and lag some extra features of the original windows. The windows 10 product key is different from the other windows. So if you try entering the product key of the other windows, it will not work. The product key is generally am56k-sndt7-KnsN9-kH76P-D6H98. So you need to enter the product key in the activation centre.


What if I do not have the product key?

Ans: If you do not have the product key, go to the Microsoft store and then purchase the product key. IT will charge you a few dollars, but you will own windows 10 for yourself. Then you will get all the recent updates and notifications from the windows. Also, you will not be part of piracy going on nowadays.

What happens if I deny activating my windows 10?

Ans: Nothing happens to your windows if you deny activating it. Your windows 10 PC will not receive the regular updates from windows. Also, your windows 10 using experience will not be as grateful as the activated windows. Also, if something goes wrong, then you cannot take the backup as well as cannot reinstall the windows again.

What is the error that occurs again after the activation process?

Ans: If you have tried the above steps and then to it, windows 10 shows an error; here is the solution. Restart your PC and again try the same steps. If not, then reinstall windows 10 and then go for the activation. If the problem occurs nw too, go to Microsoft help support and contact the customer care line of Microsoft. Your problem will now indeed resolve.

What is the use of a troubleshooter in the windows 10 activation?

Ans: The troubleshooter is essential to find out the cause of the error. It finds the cause of the error according to its type, and then it resolves the error within a few seconds. In the product key activation, the troubleshooter will guide you to reactivate windows 10.

How to install windows 10?

Ans: To install windows 10 you need to format the previous windows and download the windows setup. Boot it up in a pen drive and install it through your system panel. All the steps right from downloading to booting up in Pendrive are the same for all devices. But the installation process is different for every device due to the different device companies. So it must be noted. Thats it.