UK TV is a popular on-demand streaming television provider. It can be found throughout the United Kingdom. To use the streaming service, you must first register on the UK TV website. After that, choose a plan. From then on, you must activate the assistance on your device by visiting on your device. The user can enter their uktv play/activate code here to stream whenever and wherever they want. This guide will demonstrate how to activate UK TV on any device that can access their streaming apps.

Use Www.Uktvplay.Co.Uk/Activate To Activate Uktv Play

UKTV Play is available on a variety of devices. Visit the official website to see if your gadget is eligible. Then, to enable UKTV services on your device, follow these instructions.

Step 1: You should make certain that your gadgets have steady or fast internet connections.

Step 2: Next, open the UKTV streaming app that was previously installed on your device. Install the app by going to your device’s app store. To discover the UK TV streaming app, use the search bar. Click the Download button to begin downloading the application.

Step 3: After you open the UK TV streaming app, you will be transported to the home screen. To gain access to your subscription plan, you will be prompted for your UK TV account details. When you’ve finished entering your account information, click the Continue button.

Step 4: After completing the login process, you will be directed to a new page. The activation code can be found here. To keep the code safe, make a note of it.

Step 5: Next, go to To view this page, you must have a mobile device or computer with an internet connection and a browser.

Step 6: You will be prompted for your login information once more so that the system can confirm that you are using the same account on both devices. After you’ve signed in, click the Continue option.

Step 7: You will now be taken to the UK TV activation page. You must enter your previously saved activation code here. Continue by clicking the Continue button. You will receive a success message after completing the instructions on the screen to activate your account with

Step 8: Refresh your screen to see your account unlocked and full access to the platform’s content.

What Is The Point Of Registering?

To learn more about you and help you find the shows you like, as well as to provide you more relevant adverts. If you register, you’ll get free access to thousands of hours of on-demand video – we’ll never ask for your credit card information.

How to Register for UKTV Play?

Step 1: The following are the steps for registering your account:

Step 2: To get started, go to

Step 3: Click the ‘Account’ icon at the upper right of the navigation bar.

Step 4: Click the ‘Register Now’ icon at the bottom of the ‘Sign Up’ window.

Step 5: Fill in your email address, password, first and last names, gender, date of birth, and postcode in the appropriate sections. Click the ‘Register’ tab to get started.

Follow These Steps To Sign In On Your TV

Step 1: Select Sign In from the menu.

Step 2: A screen with several stages and a five-digit code will appear.

Step 3: On your smartphone, tablet, or desktop, go to

Step 4: Log into the website using your UKTV Play account. If you don’t already have a UKTV Play account, fill out the form to establish one.

Step 5: After typing the five-digit code that is displayed on the TV, click ‘Sign In.’ The TV will certify that the registration was successful within a few moments, and you can continue watching.

The UK TV play code can only be used once and expires after 30 minutes. If the UK TV play code has been displayed on your TV screen for more than 30 minutes, it is likely that a fresh UK TV play code will be displayed. The code has five digits and exclusively contains numbers and letters. Check that the code you typed contains no punctuation or spaces. The code would appear on the TV screen once you logged into your UK TV Play account and clicked the “Sign In” or “Register” button when requested.

What Should I Do With The Code?

Step 1: If you can’t discover where to enter the TV Activation code on the UKTV Play website, try these steps: 

Step 2: Click the ‘Sign In’ option in the menu bar above to sign into the UKTV Play website for your UKTV Play account.

Step 3: You may notice that the ‘Sign In’ link has been replaced with your name after successfully signing in. Click here to view your UKTV Play account profile.

Step 4: At the bottom of your profile, there is a link to enter your TV activation code.

How Can I Put the UKTV Play App On Roku?

UKTV Play App On Roku

Follow the steps below to upgrade your UKTV Play app and continue watching our programming.

Step 1: From the Roku app’s Home screen, select the UKTV Play icon.

Step 2: From the list of options that appears on the screen, choose the Remove channel.

Step 3: Navigate to the Search box and type UKTV Play to install the most recent version of the UKTV Play app.

Step 4: In the box below, you will be able to install the most recent version of the programme. To install, choose the Add channel.

Step 5: Channel will be added, and you’ll get access to the most recent version of the app as well as all UKTV Play content.


These are the methods for using uktv co uk activation code to access this fantastic channel and stream your selected material on a larger TV screen. Even if there are other options, none can come close to what UKTV offers to the general people.